So I have a daughter


As opposed to a huge scar over a chick’s stomach? So long to her wearing 2-piece bathing suits at the beach.


congrats on a healthy baby :smiley:


cognrats on the kid but it’s probably time to get out of stockton. 15 years from now you don’t want to be a middle aged dude trying to protect his daughter from all those bad ass kids. :rofl:


Its not very noticable. Now there is two of them.

Just to inform ya’ll, this isnt my first child. We have a 10 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. Thanks everyone!


lol the title made me think she just showed up on ur doorstep or sumtin. haha.

congrats though.


Grats. :clapdos:

P.S This forum is getting old seems like half of the regulars on GD has a kid. Wonder when it’s going to be my turn. YIKES!


You are going to have triplets with a white woman from Oklahoma and they will grow up to be OKC Thunder fans.


Word, I turned 30 like a week ago. Having this baby is a pretty dope b-day present I think.


Congrats on the baby, man.


Jesus Christ I lose 1 Rock, Paper, Scissors match and everyone taking shots at me today? Damn… Y’all harsh!

Oh damn the big 3-0! Happy birthday too. :party:


Or it didn’t happen :arazz:

Congratz mayne…now strap her up with a Riot shield and get her to work

  • :bluu:


Congrats, man. I"m scared shitless to have a girl, but good for you. Hope your wife gets to feeling better soon. We know how much a pregnancy can fuck a broad up.




Isabel Marie. Isn’t that a Twilight reference? My cousin’s unborn child will actually have the same name. Anyway, congrats.


Good stuff homie! Having kids are a blessing!


It’s taking every OUNCE of self-control to keep from making a Hakan reference.

Congrats, man.


Congrats… I’m glad the Genocide Cut-ta to the cord went well :smiley:


Congratulatons bro, hope the best for you and your family!

Speaking of which, did you know the baby’s sex ahead of time?


Never seen Twilight so I’ll say no. Isabel is one of the 15 or 20 first names my wife picked out. Marie is my wifes middle name, her moms middle name and her grannys middle name. The babys full name is Isabel Maria Diva L. I dont want the diva part in there but its what my wife wants. Her late grannys name is Diva. Its an old timey italian name. To me its odd, diva is a title imo but whatever. I got to name my son after me so I cant complain too much.

Javid - Yes we did.


cant wait till she throws her first hadoken :stuck_out_tongue: