So I have a few questions



These may have been already answered but:

I’ve read that you can buffer Sakura’s into her srk and make it to where the srk will only come out if the cmk hits (i.e. option select). Is this true and if so how?

The other one is. I watch a video of Sakura doing a Ex tat into jlk into a weird jump jmk. How?

heres a link to the vid, its a year old so this could have been patch but:


any thanks in advance and sorry if this has been answered some where else.

  1. The xx shouken is just buffered if it whiffs nothing comes out. If it hits, even on block shouken will come out . Therefore you need to learn to hit confirm this otherwise you’ll be getting punished all day.
  2. Not sure if that has been patched in AE. I know of similar setups from vanilla sf which are now gone, but the idea is to try and be directly under ryu to the point where if you do a jump forward it I guess you could say the game “autocorrects” you thinking that you are on the otherside hence the weird jump.


I think that reset has been patched out since Vanilla.


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