So I have a question

I have been trying to learn ST on GGPO lately but it turns out that the one on ggpo is not the same one you guys have here. There is no old sagat, ken or any of that nonsense online, and so I can’t find any pro footage to learn from. I I’ll play and just end up matched up against turtle ryus that mash uppercut after uppercut because I can’t punish properly and a standing forward isn’t going to stop anyone from uppercutting.

can you guys help me out or show me where to go to find vids for myself? Youtube gives me a different game. I tried looking for tokido, but that’s not the same vega I’m using. Should I just get that Koryu version?


nevermind, I didn’t think you’d need to input codes. Seems like the same game now.


someone play me on ggpo.