So, I Have Learned Most Of The Basics... But


I’m pretty sure the next thing i should be working on is air dashing and crossing people up so i can get my air combos off.
My main team is Sentinal/Storm/Cap.
Keep in mind I have only been playing now for 5 days, almost a week.
I have some friends who are really good at this game and were able to help me out with some stuff.
It’s not that i don’t know how to air dash, it just seems when i do AD with storm I get hit by something.
I see a bunch of storms flying around gathering hyper super or w/e you like to call it.
How do you even do that correctly?
I mean i can press HP and then AD but how do they do it so quickly?
I need to cross people up, and i can’t :slight_smile:
Please help and ty.
If you need to know anything else just ask.
I saw a thread a few threads down about this but i was hoping to get an answer if i were to be a bit more specific.
Anyways, thanks in advance.


There’s already an air dash thread.


pm me and i’ll take you under my wing :wink:

you will be near newbie godlike level before end of one week

2nd week will be raping scrubs fo free

3rd don’t even try to take out the master jus yet :rofl:

seriously hit me up :china:


Will Do :smiley:


If you would of posted this down there you would of got a fucking answer…


I honestly think you’ll live.
And I wasn’t sure how active these forums are.
Calm Down Mr. Premium.



Don’t sweat these guys… while you did ask questions already answered elsewhere… some of us are nice and don’t mind answering it again… …others of us… actually spend more time trolling these boards looking for people to shoot down, threads to rip up, ect ect… Many times I don’t even see these folks posting much in the way of info… just ripping noobs… mostly for being noobs. I guess its fun for them… and a big part of why they come here (i can only guess… given that they just keep doing it.)

Can’t say much cept make friends with the nice guys and forget the rest exist til you get a chance to try and beat em online :slight_smile:

And to help your air dashing situation… its easy… best thing to know is that most cases where you are using it… you are canceling into it form a hit of some kind… and then canceling out of it again with a hit of some kind. B/c most air dashes aren’t fast enough to let moves connect if you don’t cancel em out before you try.

Also… hit PP 1 time to air dash… mashing it six times will just get you a poorly timed AD that gets randomly canceled out of by wtver normal you happen to mash… not good… Weird to say this in the case where a whole move is like 1 sec long… but use patience… and it becomes easy.


Lol if they are counting on shooting me down they will have a hard time doing so considering I don’t really care what people like that have to say.
Thanks for the help, I’m slowly getting the hang of it, unfortunately I can’t say i have a good feel for it at all yet.
If anyone is willing to go on live with me and help me out i would really appreciate it.


There’s already stickied threads for newbies - why should every newb made 2 or 3 individual threads when the same questions can be asked and replied to in one?


To be honest I think this thread would be off this page already if people like you would stop complaining about how i made this thread.
A lot of you guys seem like you spaz in real life when you see more than 1 thread.
If you are angry and want to post something.
Might as well stfu and wait for the thread to die.
~ Common Sense ~


Nah, it’s not exactly common sense. Why should the boards be cluttered up with duplicates? New players have got to learn to how to use the boards for the tools that they are. For one, your thread title isn’t specific, so it doesn’t help anyone a couple weeks from now when this is off of the main page and the search function wouldn’t even bring this up easily. Conversely, if there’s 6 or 7 threads in a 2 week period on air dashing, then the people who actually do search around are left wading through duplicate threads.

If you take a look around you’ll see that I actually go out of my way to help new players. The ‘nice guys’ also have to deal with BS, including answering the same questions many times. So when you think about it, you can tell why some people get miffed when up-and-comers don’t take the time to learn the ropes.

All that said, its all w/e. You’re new, you’ll learn if you put the time in.


ok what we need to do is just set up a private player match me and you, block out others and i can go over step by step things you want to learn and things i think you should learn

hit me up, i’ll be on xbl 5pm hawaii time
(can pm me too)


Lol I understand completely, i was active on other forums as well, but to sit there and flip out about how this is a duplicate thread isn’t helping anyone, as soon as one person posts that it’s duplicate that should be the end of it.
If this thread dies it’s fine with me and I have been expecting it to since the first guy that posted.
It’s not like I only need help with air dashing, I still need to learn a lot more.
So it’s not like this is a air dash only helping thread.
I was just looking for some help because in other games when people post for help I am usually more than happy to help them out.
And ty for not being a douche.

I’m pretty sure that’s at like 10 my time, so I will be on around then.