So I have my Artwork, now what?

I have my Fuerte Artwork ready, but now what do I do? Can i get a detailed List of things I need and how to do it? I heard I needed plexi glass and needed a copy from kinkos or something?

do you have a Te or an Se

I don’t mean to be a jerk, but this question has been asked a million times, and the threads that exist for it are not hard to find at all… at the very least if you can’t find it by searching you should be posting it in the newbie ?'s thread- there really shouldn’t be a brand new thread made for this…

I just purchased a TE

did you even read manman’s post or are you simply ignoring it? lol

This guy gotta be a troll :\ That or his IQ is about 5.

If you need people to carry you step-by-step on something like changing the cover art… :wtf:


try to post in newb thread next its much nicer there

not to say these people are not nice but its nicer there lol

Fine, I’ll help out one more time.

  1. carefully fold the image in half along the center. Be careful that its perfectly even
  2. fold one more time along the same axis
  3. purchase a lighter, any Bic will do
  4. light up the image from one end, being careful not to set fire to anything else
  5. read the many, many topics on the subject and try again

Ok, on second thought…

  1. Go to Art’s thread(its on the first page in Tech, if you miss it, well, you really need to quit now then)
  2. Purchase a plexi from him.
  3. Go to Kinko’s/Staples/Office Max and have it printed, 100%, no scaling, get some fairly thick paper to print it on.
  4. Wait for plexi.
  5. Remove top hex screws from your TE, remove the QD’s from the buttons, marking which color wire goes to which button. Remove the ball top on the stick and take the original art off.
  6. Carefully cut out the necessary holes in your art for the stick, button and turbo area, and trim the edges to fit. If you’re very careful about it, you can use the plexi as a guide to do so, but go slow, you don’t want to cut the plexi by accident.
  7. Apply the art and reassemble the stick.
  8. Send me $10 paypal for the quick tutorial.