So I hear I need to play stick to use Juri properly

Truth or bullshit?

Bullshit. It’s easier, yes, but Pad is perfectly fine, particularly if you use one of those Arcade Layout Pads (eg MCz Fightpad). Storing Fireballs is iffy on a normal pad, but still doable. Juris difficulty stems from application of her tools, not from execution. If Wolfkrone can play Viper on Pad, Juri definitely shouldn’t pose an unbeatable challenge.


Pad players are rare. But truth is it’s a matter of preference in the end. There’s some top players that actually prefer to play on d-pad for SSF4 and MK9. One of the advantages of playing on pad in offline tournaments is that the pad is much more silent than the stick so it’s harder to notice button presses and rotations. Sounds silly but it’s actually a real advantage over stick. Some players are able to make better reads because they can hear what you’re doing with your stick on wake up, when you’re blocking and during jump ins etc.

Advantage of having stick over pad is that plinking, piaoning and kara-throws are much easier on stick. But although Juri has a kara-throw, she doesn’t really rely that much on plinking and pianoning like some other characters. Her combos and links are fairly simple.

I know I can pull a lot of things with a D-pad that would be nearly impossible for me to do on stick.

If you dont have a stick and are using a stock pad, try remapping all the kick buttons to the shoulder buttons. A lot of Juri’s play revolves around being able to store fireballs, and this will make it much eaiser for you.

I have both but I get salty playing on stick :frowning:
Anyhow the stick I have borrowed

The advantages of having all the buttons neatly lined up in front of your hand are undeniable. I’m still toughing it out with a stock PS3 pad and there are many things I, personally am just unable to do. Maybe it’s my hands, my coordination or just that 8 years practice just isn’t enough, point is it’s never a yes or no question.

If you’re new to the stick, it’s gonna feel weird at first, keep trying it out. If it doesn’t work out, maybe a fightpad is more your thing?

No use it trying this stick if I must return it eventually. and the same issue I ran into still stands. Maybe this game ain’t for me. :E

i honestly thing pad is possible to use but its really hard to do like the bread and butter combos with juri when storing fireballs forces your thumbs to be occupied. I use stick and i honestly think its really use to play juri because of the easy storing methods (because i can use all my fingers to store fireballs). I played the 3ds one(which i consider basically pad) its possible to do but the only simple fireball combos with pad some from just 1 store…

I use pad. The only thing I lose out on is kara throw.

Juri’s throws really have little use in my gameplan anyway.
Also I have really bad fundamentals so I don’t know when tokara

I’m a Dualshock pad Juri player (I think I said that right…?) and it works out perfectly fine for me. Fuhajin combos and the like are no problem. However, like eiSH said, Karathrowing is a bit of a pain but it is doable.

so, Bullshit

You can get a good mix up by hitting a deep jumping MP then walk up and throw, of wiff an early jumping lk and throw on land. To use kara throw get your opponet used to blocking a block string like cLp-cLk-cLp-cLk. when you condition them to block just to 1 cLp then kara throw

go get a fight pad. Has stick lay out but is a pad. End of story.
Juri can be played on pad
Juri can be played on stick
Fuhajins swapping tons easier on stick imo, but do able on pad.
bnb combos are determined by two things. Frame data and your execution. It does not matter what you use.
It’s your preference and don’t let some fraud tell you otherwise.

I use standard DS3 and I’ve used Juri since day 1 of super. It’s no trouble at all. Even fireball storing poses no trouble for me. Her kara throw is a bit awkward, but thats literally only because I never took the time to learn it and implement it into my playstyle.

Pad is perfectly fine. Speaking of which i am still working on that video i made a thread about. While im on a 360 controller I have little to no problem keeping up with some of the people who are wizards with her on fight stick. Though i will say these two combos are bullshit on pad:>>low fuhajin>FADC>ultra 2>first hit dive kick>fuhajin charge>ultra 2
On pad those two seem fucking impossible to me.

I’m not particularly good at execution, and I can do kara-throws with ease on the 360 controller. Practice makes it irrelevant, 100% accuracy is 100% accuracy. It’s more a matter of comfort. The stick is generally regarded as being more comfortable to play Juri on. That doesn’t mean it is better, you just don’t have to hold your hand so awkwardly as you do on a pad to store charges.

Get a stick and play with both. That way if you are somewhere and a game of street fighter randomly breaks out you are ready to play. And trust me if you ever get married you will be playing on a pad once the spouse goes to sleep and you sneak out to play.

Oh shit guys, pro tip right here! I’m gonna remember this one for later =D

I was a pad player who made the transition to stick last year.

I knew straight away after trying to play Juri on the Xbox joypad that I at least was going to need to get a fight pad if I wanted to enjoy the game properly so I did. I used that fight pad for nearly a year, some of my early triumphs that were captured on video ( including the one where my title ’ You’ve Being Mistified! ’ comes from ) were done when I was still playing that pad.

It was a fine pad, it did the job I wanted it to do well and I got the basics down. Its a good stepping stone between pad and stick.

However for me, I knew I wanted to move to stick, I knew that I was limiting myself on even the fight pad and felt that I could be even better on stick ( another motivator is when I was in London once and tried playing vanilla in the arcades there. I failed miserably because I couldn’t use the stick at all! ) So, when I did get my stick, I went cold turkey in order to learn how to play on stick. Now, let it be known, the transition period is going to suck major balls, my execution was way off at times and it felt like hell trying to play but I persisted and was patient.

Hell, even now, nearly 9 months after I brought the stick, I still mess up on my execution at times but I’ve generally made the transition successfully and can do things now I know I would have never being able to on pad.

Granted, its up to you if you want to play on stick or not. A load of people ( including Wolfkrone for example ) are more comfortable playing on pad and more power to them, I say. Its a matter of preference, really.

I main Juri & use ps3 pad connected to my computer. I haven’t ever touched an arcade stick before, but I’ve always wanted to make the switch. The only problems i encounter with Juri is that I find it hard to tech throws since its probably harder to release stored fuhajins. For example if i hold the low, I can’t safely release it to tech a grab, maybe thats just me. There are also some difficulties with combos, especially the low fuhajin fadc ultra 2. That shits impossible if your on player 2 side. Karagrab is also pretty difficult, instead of using medium punch, i use the the hard kick since its alot easier to press both although you get very little range compared tot he medium punch one, but it doesn’t hurt to try.