So I heard Valle is playing Hawk

Not sure how serious he’s taking him but I heard he plays agressively.

Does that mean we’ll see more Hawks popping up?

Yes, but it doesn’t mean that Hawk is good now, lol

T. Hawk takes work. Even if he’s Tops, people won’t flawk to him because of the work it takes to get int.

I saw on the results for Evo Online that it listed Valle with Ryu and Hawk, but I didn’t notice any vids from it with him playing Hawk.

Unless someone wins a tournament or does well with Hawk don’t expect a flock of new players.

I think any high profile player playing Hawk is good. Sounds to me like an alt for fun and casuals though as Hawk is not exactly an answer to Ryus bad matches. I’d like to see how aggressive he is too - constant pushdown pressure or play safe and then be ultra aggressive once the opening comes?

I’m intrigued to see the first tier list for AE as it’s as much about character nerds as his buffs as to where he could sit.

Man that fool isn’t playing T. Hawk for real lol. That man has played Ryu forever. Once he’s figured out T. Hawk doesn’t have a fireball or a tornado kick (unless you count Hawk’s sweep) he will be right back at it with Ryu by the end of the day. But if he’s playing aggressively with T. Hawk then I do approve :slight_smile: There are a lot of people who are simply scared of the fact alone that T. Hawk is getting that much closer to them by walking. And I would indeed be surprised if he bought about a surge of new Hawk players to the game using the gentle giant. Unfortunately at the same time I’d be mad because then they’d just be jumping on the “popular” character band wagon, and that’d make me want to have a few choice words with every last one of them.

It’ll never happen, Puppet. Hawk is too difficult of a character to use for people to ever flock to him for more than 3 seconds.

Any very high-level player will do fairly well with almost any character. Ryan Hart was crushed people with his Hawk a few months back. Come tournament time, I don’t think you’ll see him from any of those players. Who knows though; Justin Wong did pick Makoto a bunch!

T.Hawk is designed as a counter pick character so =/