So i just bought a TE stick the other day


and as expected, it was pretty awesome…except for stick itself. like it just doesnt feel right. because the keys in the stick are so far apart, the movements feel off. quarter cicles and full circles require too much movement and feel imprecise on this thing, and as an el fuerte and grappler player this of course is unacceptable.

so if i do end up having to mod it, which stick should i use? here below are my preferences so yall can give me the best advice possible.

*prefers small, quick movements
*likes Bat tops mostly, but is prepared to compromise
*plays mostly grapplers so easy 360 motions is a must.

any help is much appreciated.


practice more before you do anything


Would an LS-56 with bat top and octo gate be what he’s looking for?


I would just put duct tape around the part of the stick that touches the micro switches so the stick hit the switches earlier.


Can get a Seimitsu LS-32-01 with a circle gate and bat top.


Bat tops are easy to do, I prefer them as well. Not a hard mod.


At first I felt the same way, got myself a ls-32. its a great stick, but the jlf is just as good if not better, practice with it more and it’ll grow on you, as a jlf looks to suit what you want more than any other stick really.


Don’t ride the gate/push the stick all the way.


As someone else said, practice plenty before you change anything. I’m not saying you’ll eventually fall in love with the JLF or anything but try to keep in mind that some of the best players in the world use the exact same thing you have in it already. If it is good enough for them it’s probably good enough for anyone else too. Putting a bat top on it is one thing but if you are having trouble getting moves out on a JLF, I doubt replacing it with a LS-32-01 or whatever is going to make that big a difference, if at all.

No offense if this isn’t the case, but can I assume you are new to using a stick? If so, just stick with it (no pun intended). When I first used a Japanese style stick with the Tekken 5 Hori stick a few years back, it took me a month or two to really get used to it. But when you do, you’ll wonder how you ever used anything else.

Oh, and like the guy above me said, don’t ride the gate all the time. Thats something that just takes time to get used to though.


yeah im sorta new to sticks, i mean ive owned a few awhile back (my favorite being the SF 15th anniversery stick w/bat top by nubytech. which was itself a WHOLE GODDAMN ARCADE TABLE WITH BUTTONS AND A STICK ON IT.), but ive never really gotten used to a ball top before. i mean i like them for 3D fighters like Tekken, VF, SC and the like. but for 2D fighters…meh. im gonna practice with it some more though. saw a couple threads on the tech sticky that helped me out (ball holds vid was very helpful for me for one) so im not gonna completely diss the JLF. if its really that annoying though, probably the most ill do is just install a bat top if its simple enough. im no modder after all.


The reason I recommended Seimitsu is because the engage point and deadzone are smaller on Seimitsu sticks, which seem to be to your preference. Installing a bat top is very simple, and so is swapping out the stick on a TE.