So I just bought Persona 4 Arena


Hello fighting games community
I just bought Persona 4 Arena ( which is still at ful price here in europe) because I am fan of the Persona serie.
But know I am afraid that after the sequel comes out there will be nobody left online ( which is already filled with pro-players)
I mean there’s still the story, but it would be a shame having nobody to play with ( this is the first fighting game I want to get into)
Have I made a mistake?


Nah, its a great game. Take it around to some pals so that they can learn, and try to pick up on the pacing of the game and other mechanics. A lot of this game is gonna make its way into Ultimax, which you should also pick up. Hell, you can trade in P4A and grab Ultimax when it comes out, since I doubt anyone’s gonna be playing P4A for too long after the sequel hits.


Unfortunatly I know nobody that likes fighting games ( the only local one I have played is smash bros)
And there’s no such thing as trading games where I live.
I guess I could at least play against the cpu and training mode for the basics ( ultimax comes out in 3 months for me which I will buy for sure)


Where in Europe are you @Floating_Knives‌ ? I’m in England and I’ll be playing Ultimax when it comes out. I play against a lot of players in France online without lag being too much of an issue.


@manbehindthewires: I live in switzerland, and the lag is not the issue. It’s more the nomber and level of players


Ah, well I can’t offer a high level I’m afraid :stuck_out_tongue: anyways, hope to see you when Ultimax drops!


I actually just purchased P4A, too. I got it for Xbox 360. I’m not great at fighting games but this one seems fun and I’m a fan of Persona and SMT games in general. What system did you get it for Floating_Knives? I’d be willing to practice with you.