So I just bought the new Korean stick from Etoki

It is this one . I am putting this into my HRAP3 to replace my regular sanwa stick. I was wondering how to put the black “c” ring thing into the stick. Here is a picture

Do I simply just push it in there, or am I doing it completely wrong?

Yes it should just snap right in but don’t be afraid to put a bit of preasure on it you can use pliers if you really want just apply a decent amount of preasure but not too much, hope this helps.


Yo ! Those things are a BITCH to get on and off !

Apply some elbow grease and you should be good. Never actually gotten a C ring off before, but putting them on was a bit of an experience for me, LOL.

Ok great. THanks! Another question though, is how would I go about installing this: ?

Alright so that is a wiring harness you need to ground each button as well as put a signal, there should be a chain of four connectors on one line of wire you connect those to each bottom prong per button(the one that is under the button not sticking out) and for each directional I advise just plugging in a each directional and test it on screen.

Yeah, basically, the black ones are the ground wires, the colored ones are your signal wires. One of each goes on each microswitch. The connector end of the harness just goes in the same place your jlf one did. For reinstalling the c-clip, you might want to remove your microswitches by just unscrewing them, you have to really push on it to get it back on and if you’re using a tool and it slips, you might damage one of the levers.
If you have it installed and only one direction is registering (probably down), you connected the harness to the pcb upside down. Just turn over the connector and plug it in again. I’ll take a look at mine when I get off work and post which color is which signal wire, though it might not be universal for every harness.

Ok, so if your stick is open and you’re looking at it from the bottom, like a modders perspective, from the top switch clockwise it goes orange, green, red, yellow.

Ok thanks a lot!

Ok so the wiring harness just came in finally… but I can’t get the C ring on at all! I’m pushing as hard as I can for it to go in but its only going half way in and when I let go it reverts back to how I have it in the picture at the top. I tried using pliers but I dont wanna snap the thing in half…

Use mechanics pliers. You’re not going to break anything as long as you’re being careful. That c-ring is pretty strong and can withstand the pressure so long as you’re pressing on it straight into the shaft. If you’re really worried about marring the shaft surface, you can cover it with a rag before you start. A hand vice also works fine.

I personally just cover my thumb with my shirt, or other cloth item, and press. It helps if you can brace the joystick handle against your leg or something.