So I just bought this bargin HDTV

and so far it’s pretty fucking awesome. I’m not rich by any means and took me a long time just to be able to afford this, but I bought a Visio VW26Land I’m pretty impressed! I had never even heard of this brand before but, I thought I’d take a chance since I figured I could return it if I REALLY didn’t like it. It was $503 with the a 3 year warranty. Anyone else ever heard of this brand before? Any other good “bargin” HDTV’s out there?

i always see that brand at best buy

ive been urging to buy one since im using my sisters

what systems are you playing on it?

It is a relatively new brand but I hear nothing but good things about them (I work for a cable company so I hear about TVs all the time).

So far just Xbox360. I’d love to try my friends PS3 just to see how it compares to his TV (Sony Wega RP).

I have had the 37" vizio model for a few months now and it rocks. There is no lag while playing at all when you set the resolutions right. costco has these TV’s for great prices and they have great return / replacement policies.

Man, this thing is awesome! I can see it from different angles really clearly, too!

Is it easy to set the resolution? What resolution exactly do you need it set to to play like PS2 2d fighters without lag?

I dont play PS2 on it. I have the tv connected to my computer via XVGA since it has the horizontal and vertical sync capability. The computer is set to the TV’s native XVGA resolution when I play which is I think is 1366x768. I play the CPS3(3s), final burn and mame type programs on it. The TV detects the resolution coming in and switches to it and you can go lower res if you want. It displays the detected resolution in the option menu in VGA mode.

For other systems like 360, wii etc I use the component or HDMI inputs on the TV which allows for higher resolution gaming and I haven’t experienced any lag with it so far.