So I just bought UMVC3


Based on what a lot of other threads have said, I guess I should start on mission mode but are there any specific characters you guys would recommend in order to learn certain mechanics? Or should I just pick whoever I want and go from there?


Try out the trials for each character. Pick whoever you like.


Yeah. People will always complain about every character one way or another. Just choose who you like, and try to learn some basic stuff with them. Youtube and forums, such as this, are your friend. xD


Hey I got the game 2 days ago.
I decided to just pick a character I like the look of to head into Missions. It was Super Skrull for me.

Whomever you pick, some things I’d say which you’ll be learning off the bat:

  • Buttons, L, M, H, S. I ended up moving them around from the default position. X being ‘Special’ to Circle being ‘Special’. That way I can press X + [] when I want to do a Super. (Think about this, I’m used to teching in SSF4 so this feels more natural for me)

  • I had Auto Jump On to begin with, which is great for new players.
    However I turned it off after I finished Super Skrulls trials though and re-did the trials without it.
    The Auto Super Jump is handy but actually makes mistakes in guessing the direction you need to be.
    (Super Skrulls Mission 10 has 2 Super Jumps, on the 2nd you need to go up but the auto jump goes forward up, which wont work put right.)

  • If you’ve got a character you want to learn I’d recommend going through the trials several times. Just to see how easy you can do them.
    I have done Super Skrulls trials 5-6 times and they’re alot easier than my 1st try.

  • There are areas, which I have experienced, where certain moves just wont come out with the input.
    This is serious! Be Aware you’ll save yourself a lot of headache.
    On Super Skrulls Mission 10 - he has Flame Kick > Orbital Grunge L, the inputs being H(Hold) > qcf L. This won’t work.
    It needs to be Super Jump Canceled. Meaning you have to press down up. However your orbital grunge notation qcf already has a down in it so you have to just add an up to the end of the move.
    A qcf+up (Or any of the up directions) L - WILL WORK

This seems like a common reoccurance, as I found a similar thing is required for Hawkeye Mission 10 - S > Explosive Shot.
Needs a: S > SRK motion + Up L.

So be aware, I hope you understood.
Also, I agree that YouTube is a great resource, many of the trials involve specific positioning and videos will show you if you have to include a quick back dash or which way to super jump after an S.

Good Luck.


Welcome to Marvel: you will be trying to decide on one of literally **1,626,338,286,955,200 **team combinations.

The biggest help anyone is going to be right now is going to be yourself. Just pick characters and see who you like - walk through the missions to get a feel for how they might feel as their combo difficulty ramps up. Make sure to check out some helpful youtube videos such as FingerCramp’s Rehab guide (walks you through basic combos for each character), or Maximillian’s Assist Me! which does the same thing but with more of a focus on entertainment. There are a ton of resources over at the Ult. Marvel vs Capcom 3 board, with a lot of fun info in each character’s sub forum, so don’t be afraid to ask even newbie questions there (probably in the character subforums first unless it’s a real general question about Marvel).

Unlike other 2d fighting games the absolutely staggering amount of team combinations/assists/etc means while there are better characters, it’s really hard to decide what is the best team. The only way to find out what is the best team is to really experiment and try everything you can - that’s the core of what will drive you to improve.


Who do you think looks cool? Who is easy? Who has the requirements you want in a character? From there, head over to the character specific forums and learn your characters’ combos and playstyles. If you don’t like them, move on. You’re not committed to characters after you pick them lol.


Is that really all there is to picking a team? I thought the basic team setup was point, battery, and assist. How do you go about picking a team with good synergy? Also how do you know how to pick assists which work for your team.


I suggest looking for a character that looks cool or that pops up in your mind as you wanting to use him before even learning their combos. From there, go to their trials and learn there basic combos. After that get used to getting those trial combos down more consistent so that your execution gets better. From there start looking on SRK or youtube for easy to harder combos and practice that shit. Also make sure you practice not just combos but in-game things such as movement and proper spacing.


I also just bought umvc3 and I have lost the past 22 games straight

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Main Deadpool, and all your wins will be free.


Should I only do the character trials for the characters I’m interested in or go through all of them?


On a side note, does it make sense for a beginner to start with AE instead of Marvel?


Nope…it doesn’t matter what you start with.
AE and marvel have different game mechanics, so I don’t see one carrying over the other.


in terms of characters, umvc3 is much more balanced than the ones in mvc2 so feel free to try out some characters until you find something you like. the trials are a decent way to get introduced to the character but I wouldn’t rely on it too much. in terms of team building I would suggest finding one character that you like and find two more that help each other out in the form of assists and DHC. If your totally stumped on finding the character that is right for you try using some easy characters with high dmg combos like nova, cpt. america,wolverine, hulk, frank west, and spencer to get you started.


Stay Free Kid.


One does not simply buy a competitive game and win.

Your objective is to learn, not to win.


Fixed. xD


Pshh, Wesker’s nothing against Hsien-Ko A Assist Spam with Ghost Rider.


I personally never found the mission and trial modes very helpful I just started off free styling with characters I liked and then when I got the hang of it I used combo vids and tutorials like assist me to get me even more involved with the game.


I think you should go through all of them, because you might discover you like a character you wouldn’t have considered otherwise.
In my opinion AE is better for beginners. The "do and don’t"s are clearer to see and understand. But if your end-goal is to play marvel, you might aswell start with that.