So I just got a fight stick, and I converted from an analog stick... I have some questions

  1. I see a switch on the fightstick that says (LS) (DP) RS). I know that these control the how the stick is supposed to function… But does it change how the inputs register? If I use the analog stick, should I use LS?

  2. Any tips on doing a DP motion?

I use the TE stick “S” and I play UMVC3


They change how the stick registers (Left stick, D-Pad, right stick). Generally just keep it on LS or DP, since some games don’t accept inputs with RS. If you want to play non-fighters it depends on the game - for example, Bayonetta requires it to be on RS.

Forward until you hear it click once, return to neutral (it’ll click as the microswitch releases), down until you hear it click once, slide forward until you hear it click once. Repeat until you can cleanly do it 10 times in a row.
Really, you just need to practice until it works.


Use the D-Pad (DP) option. The other input options can make your stick inputs “screwy”.

To do the dragon punch motion, go forward, then down, then down forward.

  1. Keep on LS or DP, RS tends to weird out your inputs.

  2. No tip other than hard practice. It’s very difficult to get this motion down without some serious time in the training room, so be sure to practice the DP motion on both 1P and 2P sides. Try to avoid relying on the shortcuts for now, and learn how to do the DP motion properly, since it’s a move that can easily be transferred to all other fighting games. Clean 3-input motions, hitting forward, down, and down-forward.

  1. Keep it on DP for UMvC3 ( atleast thats what i recommend)
    The reason i recommend this is because the DP will help the inputs on the motions exact. many times where it has been on LS and my inputs will be slightly off from what i intended and might actually give me a level 3 when all i wanted was a simple level 1 super

  2. Tips on doing DP motions. Don’t rely on shortcuts. Do the actual motion and it will help you in the long run. if you do it right and can do it almost always. then during a match if you happen to make a slight mistake you will get the shortcut. BUT if you learn the shortcut and mess up the shortcut then you get nothing.


I know it sounds stupid but when you’re going for the dp motion don’t hit forward you only need to hit down and forward so as soon as you slide the stick hit the attack button. Should be three clicks in the stick as soon as you hear the third click you’re good to go.

Other than that don’t give up I’ve had my stick for a few weeks already feel like I’m getting more precise inputs and hitting what I want. I also find it more enjoyable playing on a stick.
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  1. I keep my stick switch setting to DP and everything works fine, so that might be your best option.

  2. for the Dragon Punch, I use The Z motion so that might help you or be easier (depends on your preference).

And I agree with above comment^^ don’t give up I switched from (xbox360) analog to stick too and at first it was a pain in the a** to transition to and I wanted to give up on it. But I told myself I paid 145.00 for it and to just give it up like that would be a waste of money. Ive had it for about a year now I think, maybe more. And got a lot better than when I first started


When you go from forward to down make sure you move the stick back enough to hit down (or you might just be going straight to down-forward without realising) and don’t be pressing the attack button until your stick is in the corner of the gate. Switch your inputs on so you know if you’re doing it right.


Make sure you check out the many different ways to hold the stick. When I switched a little while back I started to hold it super wack, then looked around the net for some examples and found a very comfortable way (for myself) to hold it. I’ve been progressing with it a lot since then.


you forgot to mention that only works if you are walking foward in marval.


Huh oh my post made it look like I meant don’t hit forward at all. I meant try not to hit forward a second time after your initial tap forward go straight to down and then into down forward and don’t bring the stick back to forward and hit the attack button.


Ever read the manuals or see the moves lists that show a z movement for a DP instead of a half circle? If you have a four gate the Z movement is most natural. I think it takes less time than quarter circle back and forth on a controller.


For DPs I’ve found doing forward, down/forward, forward is the easiest way. It’s kind of a “shortcut” . Remember the last forward kinda happens on its own and comes out naturally.


also get an octogonal gate if you can, later on you may find square to be better like many of us, but the octogonal gate really helps a lot if you just started using a stick so you feel every direction better, once you get used to it switch back to square so you can move more freely without touching the gate


Sorry for the old thread, but I’m really curious, in case you’re still aroudn… Can you actually play Bayonetta with a stick? ie, I thought you need both left and right stick to play at that game, is that not the case?