So I just got a TE-S. Should I keep my SE for anything?


The title says it all. I have a new te-s and it’s awesome. I was tired of missing inputs because the se buttons started to stick so that’s why i got one. I don’t plan on playing any tournaments but who knows, maybe if I get good enough. My question tho, is it worth it to keep my se and upgrade, mc cthulhu mod it etc? It may depend on how much I play which is not that much. I get maybe 15+ hours of ssf4 time a week. I play mvc2 and hdremix at least once a week. When I get tired of online I’ll play alpha anthology but it’s on pad :arazz: Do any of the casual players have some thoughts?


Well I dunno that’s up to you. If you have friends who use/may want to use a stick, then yes you should. It only costs like $40-$50 to fully mod.

Also, I personally find the TE’s to be very bulky and a bit TOO heavy to play on your lap with, which is why I will be ordering a custom stick very soon. You could skirt the custom stick if you have the same issue as I do and simply mod your SE.


I suggest that if you decide to mod your TE for aesthetic reasons transplant the TE parts to an SE and try out an LS-32-01 if you might like that one better. That or keep it around in case you have friends over.


Is the LS-32-01 more stiff than the jlf? I think it is too loose for my hand.


Yeah, the LS-32 is slightly stiffer than a JLF.


SE is a loveley stick for when people come over…

I know people view the SE as the poor mans TE but i do like design!

Keep it mod it love it!

infact i’m getting a second my wife likes to play pixel junk monsters with it and SSF4/Tekken/SC4


keep it?


I say keep it also. It’s nice to have a “guinea pig” stick to test out new springs, sticks, etc. with so your main stick is not out of commission.

Keep in mind that when we say that the LS-32 is SLIGHTLY stiffer… we mean REALLY slightly. Some people don’t notice a difference as far as resistance goes, but the build of an LS-32 is just overall different from a JLF.

If you want REALLY stiff, try out an LS-56. If you truly want something more in the middle, try an LS-40.

If you like the feel of a JLF (like the thow, engage distance, etc.) I highly recommend just trying out some different springs in your JLF. It’s very cheap and gives you a good idea of what sort of resistance to expect from other sticks. I’ve tried an LS-32, LS-40, and LS-55 spring in my JLF (an LS-56 spring will not just drop in to a JLF, so a 55 is your next best choice).

Out of all the ones I tried, I really liked the LS-40 but ironically use the plain ol’ JLF, unmodded, the most these days :slight_smile:


I’ll try a spring modd first and see how I like it. I have no skill in electronics at all. I have watched videos and read up on how to swap out buttons and the stick. That doesn’t seem too hard. What about a dual modd or mc cthulhu modd? Can the SE support xbox/gc/ps1,2,3/pc? I’ve seen some tutorials and that all looked incredibly hard.