So I just got out of jail



It was just like American History X in there.
Racial segregation to the max.
For my first meal, I had to sit with a gang to announce who I ran with.
I wasnt allowed to talk to any back people, or id get beaten.

Shit was fucking scary.

Thankfully I didnt get beaten up or raped before I got bailed out.
But when I did get bailed out, my cellmate punked me for my blanket before I left.

Things were fucking intense.
Some new guy had smuggled some pills up his ass and he didnt claim a gang.
He was talking about trade when he just suddenly gets jumped, stuffed into a cell.
He got the shit beat out of him and his stash divided up.

Dinner comes at 3pm.
But its not like you ever know what time it is.
The lights are always the same level.
And there is no clock.

I only weigh 165, when big guys round 230 start blubbering crying about scared of getting beaten up and raped, it puts things in perspective.

I never ever want to go back to that place.


How many hours were you able to get out of your cell? Some people think you’re locked up 24 hrs.

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Its different in different places, but I was able to be in the common area for about 8 hours in the day.


did you get your salad tossed?


So joining a gang in prison is that easy? Just sit where they eat and bam, you a KKK Neo-Nazi skin head??



Well, the first thing I got asked when I came in, “Who do you run with?” My choices were, blacks, mexicans, whites, or others.
Im asian.
If I chose other, I would be unprotected since there was only me who would be an other.
Mexicans and whites were pretty much allied, but blacks were their own shit.

I was pretty much told I would run with the “Woods” or the whites. (Peckerwoods)
Since my cellmate was one of the Wood leaders, I didnt protest.


It sounds like you’re talking about being in prison and not in jail. I think someone is makin’ shit up.


what jail was this??:confused: i’m assuming blacks made up the majority if this is the case.



San Diego county.

Blacks were like 40-50%
Whites and latinos like 25/25%
Others 1-5%


what did you do that landed you in jail?


When you were getting released, did you snitch?



Long story short.
All I did was get into a drunken fight with some stupid ass whiteboy who was road raging.

Long story long.
I was dropping off a girl from work, Rebecca.
Im like 2 blocks from her house, when I notice in my rearview about 100yards back, car commin at me going like 80+mph.
Im going like 35mph cause thats the speed limit, and I dont want to get pulled over for nothin.
This car gets on my ass, swervin side to side, honkin his horn, flashing his brights… (theres 2 fucking lanes, he coulda just went around)
He gets along side me, swerves into my lane.
About 2 blocks of this shit we come to a light, where I am going to turn left to drop off Rebecca.
He pulls up right next to me, rolls down his window talkin all this shit.
"Fuck you bitch, imma fuck you up, blah blah blah."
I roll down my window, and I tell him,
"If you want to get your ass beat, pull over right here, and imma beat the shit out of you."
Rebecca stupidly jumps out the car knocks on his window and cusses him out.
I tell her to get back in the fuckin car, cause the light changed, I turn left, and make an immediate left, parkin on the corner.
Whiteboy drives past us and U turns, he pulls up along side me.
Rebecca again jumps out the car and knocks on his window screamin "WTF"
He guns his engine and sideswipes her, knocks her spinnin to the ground, she busts her chin open, and is steady bleedin.
He stops about 20 yards up the street from me, gets out the car talkin shit.
I run up on him, he puts his hands up, and I start throwin.
Im throwin heavy, and almost everything im throwin is connecting, and most of it is tagging his jaw.
He is throwin back, but he is wiffing and grazing.
I tag him with about 10 hard punches before he goes for a clinch.
He trying to wrestle me down, we are no longer in the street but on some apartment buildings lawn.
I throw a big knee to his body, he doesnt like, so he tries to back out of the clinch.
I got my left hand on his neck and his head is low, so I start throwin uppercuts, 4 out of 6 connect.
He tries real hard for a takedown, grabbin at my legs, I push his head down with me left hand, and step out.
His head is in perfect position to be kicked soccer style, so I put 3 of em on his head.

He is pretty fucked up.
But he sits up, and I try to talk to him.
I tell him "Im sorry. Its over. No hard feelings. Its over."
But he is angry. He gets up and starts talkin shit, pushing me.
Rebecca comes and tries to push us apart, telling us to break it up.
But then she says that she took his car keys and threw em in the bushes.
Im all "WTF? Dude already got his ass beat, give him his keys back."
Rebecca goes off to find his keys.
Dude keeps pushing me, and I keep tellin him, "Its over, you dont want anymore of this."
Keeps pushing me, screamin in my face.
I keep tellin him, "Its over, you dont want it."
He takes another swing at me, and ive had enough.

I put two big right hands on him, and he goes immediately for a takedown.
I ragdoll him onto his back, and jump into side control.
I put a big knee into the side of his head.
Throw a few GNP punches onto his jaw.
Then throw 4 big hard elbows in rapid succession into his face.

I get up, and start walking away, some bystandard prolly from the apartments runs up yellin "dont kick him no more, youll kill him!"
I didnt plan on it, I just look around real quick for Rebecca, dont see her.
(shes still in a bush lookin for this dipshits keys)
Say fuck it, I gotta dip outta here, and start headin for my car.
I put my hand on the handle of the door… and the cops roll up park right behind me.
2 cops jump out, and ask, "Whats goin on?"
I look over to dude layed out on the lawn and point at him sayin "That dude just got fucked up real bad."
The cops just start walkin past me… I open the door to my car… cop suddenly turns round and flashes me with his light.
He sees I got blood on me, “Hey that guy has blood on him, better detain him.”

They arrest me, and Rebecca.

Felony Assault with a deadly weapon
Felony Battery
Felony Robbery
Felony Conspiracy

Bail set 100,000 $


hmm that’s not good homie…



Tell me about it.
He’s white, im not.
He’s fucked up, (cops say he got a broken nose, broken jaw, and I put out a bunch of his teef.) I just got out of bed.

Cops make it look like im trying to rob him.

It looks like im the instigator and aggressor, and he is the victim.

At least I blew a .07 so the DUI should be a wash…
Yaaaaaayyy… cough



Snitch? About what? Nothin to snitch about.
Some white supremacist punked me for my blanket?
I wasnt using it anymore.


wow that’s insane what was this guy on to get punched that amount of times and not stay down :looney:

…your lady friend is crazy, this is all her fault


yeah, wtf at your friend…

deadly weapon = your hands?
conspiracy…don’t even know what that is
robbery…what bs


What’d you hit him with? Also, someone posted $100,000 for you?


yo phil you missed the most important question



I didnt get my salad tossed, that was addressed in the first post.

My friend Rebecca is a total badass, she is the coolest chick, I fucked up her life, im so sorry.
She will prolly hate me forever… Shes still in jail.

Bail is 1/10th the ammount set, so 10g’s is what had to be paid.
My parents put up their house… I told em not to bail me out, but they did.

Edit: I hit him with my fists my knee my elbow and foot. Which are considered deadly weapons because I hang out with Steven Segall or something.