So I just got Ultra and


… I’m getting wrecked every game I play.

Did all of the hibernating veterans decide to awake from their slumber to come feast on all of the new scrubs or something?

I play Ryu and I feel so helpless in these matches, its just like everyone is one step ahead of me, I’m not reacting as quickly, getting bodied left and right.
I played an Abel, a Blanka, several Decapres, several Rolentos, a C.Viper, a few Elenas, a Rose, a Ken, an El Fuerte, a Makoto and an Evil Ryu. I got bodied by all of them, and I just can’t figure out why. It kind of feels like a bunch of characters got nice buffs but Ryu kind of stayed static. But even then, its just not making sense.

I’m starting to think not knowing any of these match-ups might be an issue (blocking attacks are harder when you don’t know if they hit high or low, right?)

Or am I just utter garbage LOL I don’t have issues with execution and hit-confirming, but people just keep closing in on me, mashing EX’s, especially jumping in on me and it’s bothering the hell out of me.

Might record some gameplay again and show you people but anyone have an idea as to what’s going on?
(inb4 “just quit”)

Though it’s nice to see PSN so lively for once


Maybe pick a real character instead of Ryu?


What’s wrong with Ryu?


Matchup knowledge is very important in SF4


To the point where it can easily make the difference between winning/losing?


Yes, actually.


Hmm. With the release of Ultra, doesn’t that make existing match-up information somewhat irrelevant? I’ll look into it anyway so I know what I’m up against S:

BTW: How can I zone more effectively and make the opponent hesitate before trying to move in? I almost never throw fireballs anymore because the opponent always still manages to get close to me.

Also: How the hell do I beat out command throws?!


If opponents manage to keep in close to you, thats because they take advantage of your lack of zoning and maybe anti-airs (assuming that they jump at you all day). At the beginning of the round I tend to walk back and forth a bit to see what my opponent will try to do (Is he going to jump at me, thinking I might throw a random fireball? Shoryuken that s**t. Is he going to walk forward because im dancing around? You can throw a fireball if you can see them walk forward, if they block it, free chip damage and the momentum is yours because you can continue to harass him with fireballs or bait a jump with fakes to anti-air him.

Ryu’s low forward into hadouken is 90% OF THE TIME a true blockstring like e.ryu’s in Ultra now. Basically, once you are in the optimal range to poke out a low forward, buffer it immediately into hadouken. Your low forward is used as a poke and a “get the hell out of my space” tool. If people didn’t read about this buff and try to focus in between, they will eat it all day. It’s a good way to keep space if you’re hesitating at throwing fireballs. Although normally at this same range, it’s really difficult to react to a fireball. So far I’ve tested what can still punish the blockstring in between and with Ryu all I can do is interrupt with a Super or EX Shoryuken. That’s the reason why I say it’s only 90% of the time.

Even if it’s day 1 Ultra, the fundamentals haven’t changed. You can still learn match-ups by checking what is the longest poke for each character, what special moves can go over a fireball at a specific distance so you can know when to or when not to throw a fireball.


To beat out command throws, if they are predictable, just shoryuken the crap out of it. But if your zoning is great, you shouldn’t worry about getting command thrown because they can’t get up close to you.


If you want we can online training mode and practice your zoning game, I’d be glad to help you and it can also help me as well :slight_smile:


Are you on PSN? Let’s do it. I seriously need to up my game lol.


You don’t mind if we play in about an hour or so? I need to head back to my homework LOL


My psn is in the signature, you can add me or i’ll add you later when I get online.


I gotta work on stuff too actually, might be better on a weekend.

(Not tryna backseat mod or anything but you should probably refrain from posting multiple times and edit existing posts instead xD)


the reason your getting bopped is because the only people who would be playing an update are people hardcore enough to know its out and buy it. you are not going to be playing scrubs who got SSf4 free because of PS+


I’ve played only two scrubs so far.

And you’re kind of right I guess, who else would be playing the Ultra update on day 1? The scrub wave will probably be when the retail release drops.

BUT EVEN SO WTF they’re so damn good, I need to improve ;-;


im having the same problem on xbl, but it is kinda nice ranked 23rd as Juri lol i know that won’t last


I couldn’t disagree more, BM. Nothing he said points to lack of matchup knowledge, if he’s having trouble being approached by people and jumping in on him he’s not in a situation where he should be learning matchups, he should be learning fundamentals.

(skip to 10:46)


Thank you very much for that video. I’ll be working on fundamentals such as footsies/zoning as much as I can and focusing on them while playing games online (and offline at local scene).


After fundamentals is match-up knowledge. Fundamentals is what everyone should be working on from the beginning. I mean come on…you really are having trouble with people jumping in on you? I didn’t need a forum to tell me to anti air people. Get fundamentals down then work on matchup.