So I just recently switched my main to ibuki



I switched my main from akuma to ibuki, i just started playing her the other day. And already I’m blowing people up online. It feels like i’m winning twice as much and working half as hard when playing as ibuki and it kind of gives me this sense of…I dont know… i feel kind of like a douche for using her or something. am I?


Chances are you were a douche before, so yes.


Gee, you sound like a certain guy that used to be on this sub-forum.

Also I quote mingo:
Pics, or it didn’t happen.


Don’t really feel like a douche. More like a troll, which is something that I want to feel.

And anybody can blow up scrubs in online casuals. Doing it in a tourney environment can be far more challenging, if you want a challenge.


Cool story bro.