So I just started playing, what now? :)



Hello guys,

I am new to the forums and this is my first thread here :slight_smile:
I have already been surfing through your threads for a few days now and they really made me understand the game better.

I started playing SF4 3 weeks ago and I am playing iton my PC, so obviously I’m pretty new to the game. Before, I was playing First-person shooter mostly, namely Unreal Tournament 3.

Anyways, I have been trying hard to improve my gameplay, and I have chosen Dhalsim as my main character, just because it is so much fun to play with him.
But he is so damn difficult to play with, it is super furstrating for me to lose to Ken’s and Ryu’s which are obviously less skilled than me, but are easier to play with :confused:

So far, I have mastered to use special moves with good timing and “normal” strikes and kicks to annoy the enemy.
However, I am not able to use combos properly and I have big troubles against good players when they are close to me.

So, my questions are:

  1. what is the best way to learn how to use combos? I have seen a thread here which lists different combos, but it is hard to imagine them without actually seeing it (maybe there is a video showing all Dhalsim combos and I overlooked it?).

  2. What are the best options if a faster opponent (which is pretty much everyone :rolleyes:) is very close to me while I am getting up from the ground?

  3. What are the best options if an opponent is turtleing in the corner on the other side of the screen?

  4. Is there anything else essential which I as a Dhalsim beginner should know or what I hould focus on?
    Mind you I am no total noob and I learn quickly, but right now, I feel like I need some help to improve further :wonder:

Hopefully you guys can give me some good advice,
I would be greatful.

Greetings from Austria,

  1. You should now how far/quick every normal attack does first of all. As for knowing which combo to do it is very situational of what the opponent does. His main combo is instant air teleport B.hp - - jab yoga flame - super.

2)Blocking and knowing how to tech throw.

3)2 options here. First you can yoga fire him and try to bait his jumps and second is to get in range to do the overhead fierce (jump back fierce punch)

4)Don’t panic when someone is close to you. Know which AA to do at what range, basically if your anti air game is weak you will get trucked hard.

Welcome to shoryuken forums :smiley:


It’ll help to know all the characters and what you can/can’t do against each one of them (assuming it’s a good player :x). There’s quite a ton load of info already in the match-ups and yoga noogie that **** threads so just skim through those and know the basics like doing an IAT (instant air teleport). And practice a lot, you won’t regret it . Good luck ^^.