So I lost 11 to 39 today (3S)

This little session seriously makes me want to quit playing this game.

Basically, it was rape ville till around 15 matches (like 3 to 15 or something); then something weird happened where I won like up to 11 matches (my opponent had 22 or so at this point) and then basically he said, “I’m going to concentrate now”. And I fucking lost EVERY match for the remainder. The thing was; he was trying hard, however, so was I. It was about 200 degrees in the room and my pit stains were the size of basketballs and I think some brain cells exploded, but I. could. just. not. win. We’re talking losing against Hugo with fucking Chunners.

As a joke I turned parry off in the system directions for a match; however it was for one round. I wonder what would’ve happened if it had stayed off. Cause seriously it was one of those “I can’t really think of what I did wrong, yet I STILL lost” situations.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that fighting games are no fucking fun at high level competitive play? Whatever happend to games being fun and entertaining … instead this has been one of the most stressful and frusterating nights in a long time. Worse than going into a final exam unprepared.

High level stops being fun when you stop allowing it to be fun.


scrub :rofl:[/reconchatumare]

I thought playing against people better than you was good for you since it helps you get better or something…

It honestly didn’t improve my game.

I remember maybe two or so years ago as I was really learning this game and thinking after every match “I did such and such wrong and therefore lost the match, I should avoid that/change my tactics in the future”. This though … this was … just a rape scene. I was doing everything safe and by the book.

I remember some matches were almost entire-parry fests till I lost about 75% health, then I got random, but by that point, I had lost too much life for it to make any difference.

So if you’re saying I need to get better, then seriously, I ask you, what are you supposed to do against an opponent that parries more than half of your attacks, EVEN if you manage to alternate high/low/OH AND go in for the random throw every now and then (which was either teched or I just simply for some reason out-right lost and got thrown instead; SFII nightmares all over again).

I even resorted to Chun (AKA “top-tier”) and lost to more or less the entire cast;

Akuma, Elena, Hugo, Ken, Oro, Ryu, Sean, Urien, and 12.

Yes … Chun lost to fucking 12. AND Hugo. And I think I lost to Remy somewhere in there WHILE I was using Remy, who is more or less my “main”. Yeah … dunno what to say.

Okay this just proves that you really need to play more.

And do better mix ups, there must be a reason why he can parry and counter right. You won’t notice it when you play, record the matches down then watch them and observe, it’ll help.

Seems like it’s a combination of being uncomfortable in that environment because of losing/the temperature/whatever, and just not being good enough. If someone is parrying all of your moves then you’re not scaring them into playing safe and minimizing guesses/risk. If you can hit confirm c.MK and b+HP into super every time, he won’t parry everything because it’ll become a really stupid move for him.

And as good as you think this guy is, what you guys were doing is most likely far from high level competitive play. You’d probably cry if you played a real top player.

No way. I was mixing up. That’s one of the first things I learned once I started getting my shit parried left and right. I was taking advantage of all my options.

Maybe it was a freak incident. But I honestly don’t know. I do play this game once a week; and that may not seem like alot but I’ve been playing it for more than a few years. I’ve gotten to the point where I probably won’t forget how to play anyone after a long stretch of time.

My “opponent” (he’s “Rik” on here) basically plays this game (he says) half hour to an hour a day. Maybe that’s the difference. But it honestly can’t be that great.

I wouldn’t be pissed off if I could look back and say “I did this wrong, and that’s why I lost”, but this shit just doesn’t make any sense. Maybe next time I will record this shit and let you guys disect it.

You mentioned hit confirms; the long stretch of time where I did win was with Chun, and it involved lots of fucking supers (using the hit confirms you mentioned). After that, I couldn’t find any openings, I remember maybe two where he clearly screwed up and I went for the super; but other than that, it was block or parry. Basically, he blocked where it mattered, and parried where it mattered. I remember getting him with mind games maybe once or twice (hilarious triple throw, then a hit confirm super).

u didnt seem to mention using kara throw or overhead link supers with chun?

3s was never fun. I hate being unnessercarily random just so I don’t get parried. I prefer training my opponents.

Being random is necessary in 3S though.

Honestly, the game was fun at one point, but now … it’s like too stressful or something to play. Feels like I’m holding my breath for the whole round and when I finally do win, it’s just a feeling of relief, but a kind of relief that you’re glad it’s over with and you hope you never have to go through that again.

Honestly, I hate parrying, but I understand it’s necessary and a fundamental part of the game. I use it when applicable, but it doesn’t mesh well with the kind of style of games I do like, such as ones where you can actually go on the offensive with poke strings and high priority normals without fear of parry.

Yeah, when this first came out people were split on wether parrying was good for the game or not.

When i was playing u for the first 22 matches u stepped your level up for those 11 games …so basically u forced me to step up my game up to the max. I didnt really think i was gonna win as much as i did…guess online fights have dramatically improved my game. Also to the guy who said we where not playing “high level”…u should mention that hugo vs chun round where i parried chuns low forward to her S11 to a gigas breaker right when she was switching her kicks…not to mention parrying remys EX sonic boom/remys flying kick attack into a gigas as well heh. I personally love parrying if u ask me…it gives everyone a fighting chance u know. My friend plays a good chun, and thanks to parrying i was able to defeat his very impressive chun with Sean of all characters.

i smell nubcake.

You still lost that round, even if you DID parry into Gigas Breaker. You were just showing off. And I wasn’t playing as serious, if you can believe that, otherwise I wouldn’t have given you free parry practice. I think you’ve seriously killed Remy for me though. Tiers have never been so noticable.

…well yeah i guess u and i werent playing serious…but the remy fight was a legit fight. If i was winning with Sean agaisnt Chun, there is no reason why u couldnt win with Remy agaisnt Hugo. Im not a expert Remy player but i do know this match up doesnt fair for Hugo…if anything it was a uphill struggle the entire time. My head hurts from the fights though…winning with Akuma agaisnt chun takes to much effort.

in reality fighting in general is random, anything done intentionally is to train your opponent to be open for something they werent thinking about in the first place.

sonic… what happened to using remy?

also if the guy is parrying everything you do then you are not mixing up what your doing enough plain and simple. it’s not random it’s just different plans that come off as random cus you throw the opponent into guessing games. the offense itself isnt random but defending against someone who is good becomes random because they overwhelm you with so many options and plans of attack that you do not know how to correctly defend. not like someone is just flailing limbs at you hoping to get a hit confirm… =/

if you knew what was coming it wouldnt be random, but then again if you know whats coming then it’s not good enough to throw out unless that attack leads to a scenario the opponent isnt aware of in that position, and by the time they catch on to it they are already knee deep in it and end up eating it anyways.

callmenewb you suck and everytime you post something about third strike you cry about how you dont like it, in the end you clearly stink at third strike from all your reasonings behind your crappy logic. you basically hate the game because you dont understand how it’s played and why people who are into it enjoy it so much. you are your own one man anti 3s band wagon but with no substance to any point you try to make against it cus you dont know the game well enough to talk about it.

high level play is fun when both players know all the options available to the characters they play. then it becomes a game to see who has thought the furthest ahead.

Rik - Seriously dude, theoretically I’m sure Remy holds Hugo down well, but honestly, this has never been the vibe I’ve gotten from that match-up.

You said you were trying, but I honestly don’t believe. You’re just trying to make me feel better when I’m way out of my league.

Everdred - You still alive? Jokes. I can’t imagine this game being fun beyond a certain point. Once both players know their options in both attacking and defending, it’s just a matter of who guesses correctly. Of course, you can play it safe and limit the opponent’s chance to evade/defend. That’s besides the point though. Beyond the mind games, the technical aspects are robotic. However, the mind games themselves are frusterating.

I think fighting games are somewhat more fun in a social setting with people actually talking to each other; however this causes both people to lose concentration, and the matches become more casual in nature. When you’re concentrating on the match, you’re not talking to your opponent, and you’re not distracted obviously. You’re dedicating your brain to winning, and only that.

why even consider taking this into consideration of competitive play when LAG plays a huge role in the outcome of all games. Pathetic. You want to truly step up and be better competitively, step out of your shell and play in the arcades against non lagging machines and Real people trying to outwit them when playing, not this online shit. I never, and continue to do so, take 3s on live seriously. So yo have an S or SS rank. big fucking deal. go out and prove to yourself in tourneys, local tourneys, ranbats, so on so forth and realize that your not a champion in your chair but a champion in your own will period by defeating your opponents.

Uhhhhmmm … dude, this was played at my house. In person. On the PS2 … :confused: I’m not even sure if it’s possible to change system direction online (as I did that one round, for jokes).

Oh, and about “what happened to Remy”; he got FUCKING OWNED SON. He takes damage like a bitch and his defence has proven to be ineffective time and time again. He is my main, but shit is getting old, and I’m tired of losing.