So I made a totally awesome video

and I thought I would share this here because today I feel COMPLETELY FABULOUS



Even tho I did find that funny u will probs be getting a few hateful messages in this thread since most people already know about this

I’m just new to Street Fighter, don’t blame the newbs, blame the noobs.

made me laugh, at first i thought you were retarded, but den i laughed.

fancy edits

Not really, just a lot of cuts, zooming, slowmo, some pauses, some text, a retarded song, a new pair of underpants when I saw Yang as first stage, and a lucky talisman to beat broken-ass Seth’s priority at the first attempt.

well, creative editing i meant.


i guess any move can be used over and over again

Completely stolen from this classic

You sir is best player I’ve seen alive today.

stolen/inspired… does it really matter