So i made my sf4 stick template now what do i do?

How do i put it on that plastic cover?

If you already have your holes mapped out on the graphic, you need to check the measurements and placements against your stick with the in program ruler and a ruler on your stick. You want to print the actual size of your graphic, because if you test print at home in grayscale and adjust the print size in the print menu or have it fit to page, it will not be the same on another printer without keeping your proceedure and percentages the same.

If you don’t have the holes mapped on the graphic, you can skip this step and trace the holes from the back side of your stick with the hardware removed after having it printed.To cut the holes, I would suggest using a swivel hobby knife with a new blade and a good, clear hole stencil from a hobby store to trace your holes.

You can have it printed and laminated at a print shop like Kinko’s. They have different finishes available. You can get hobby adhesive (Elmer’s works good) to spray the back of the marquee you have printed to attach it to the stick with the hardware removed. If you want to remove the marquee that is on your stick, if it is adhesive backed, use a hair dryer on high, peel it back and get a good adhesive remover with some paper towels and a plastic squeedgie to take it off, if the adhesive sticks to your case.

There are also marquee printers online that offer customer design print services. These guys print on textured polycarbonate, both adhesive backed and non-adhesive backed, like most arcade cabinets have;

If you plan on using the marquee cutouts for your button tops (if you have custom, transparent or translucent buttons), you can use a slightly smaller circle on the circle stencil to trace and cut out the graphic that will fit inside the button plunger top. If you do this, you should cut the smaller, button top areas from the graphic first! Then follow up and cut the larger, left over ring area from the graphic for the entire button assembly to drop down through. If you do it the other way around, you can trim the cutouts down to fit into the button tops, but it will be more difficult to hold each circle still, unless you use scissors, which do not give you a finished line as nice as a hobby knife and smaller circle stencil can. The swivel hobby knife helps quite a bit.