So I mailed myself to my girlfriend's house as a birthday present


Thing was, the package got lost for three hours, but it was so worth the wait despite the near-death experience from the lack of oxygen.


Hu Seng, from southern China, nearly suffocated to death after mailing himself to his girlfriend’s office in a sealed box – which got lost in the post for three hours.
When the box finally arrived, shocked girlfriend Li Wang unwrapped her enormous present to find Seng passed out – and bystanders had to call paramedics to revive him.

One of the onlookers, a friend of Seng, had been waiting to photograph the surprise and caught the botched birthday stunt on camera.
“I didn’t realise it would take so long,” said Seng. “I tried to make a hole in the cardboard but it was too thick and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise by shouting.”


Dumb fuck.


This sounds like some shit I would do.


That’s some white people shit.


Asian and wang with enormous plus zulu equals, whuuuuuuuuttttt?



Fine. That’s some black people shit. The asians however need to do it right.


Except they were asian, so…


I blame the Radical Orthodox Christians.


China’s mail system sounds awesome, all my stuff either arrives broken or opened

This almost sounds like one of those messed up south korean movies, where they hunt a serial killer who kills then has the body couried to a close relation on their birthday.

Ninja edit: he arrived almost dead, so that is kinda broken


Rapists don’t even have to break in now.


Lucky somebody in the US didn’t try that. USPS would beat his ass to death just LOADING him.


For a second I really thought that you did this.


too dumb, not chinese

whole story is fake


Seeing as this was in China I’m surprised the box didn’t explode.


Please tell me this is a hoax.

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Must be a Velvet Underground fan



The lesson here is next time you’re in a cardboard box, bring something sharp to poke holes in the box. It provides entertainment and oxygen.


Oh, shit…new Metal Gear concealed combat system! Somebody tell Kojima to add this before it’s too late.


if i was your girlfriend…i woulda written “return to sender” all over that package.


bad present #46 out of
100 worst birthday present ideas ever