So I need to win this tournament

Theres gonna be a tournament on my campus next saturday and I’m broke as shit. .

it’s gonna be a bunch of games but the only ones I’m slightly interested in are Marvel 2 - Soul Calibur 3 and Tekken

I know I’m gonna win the SC tourney . .so not much there.

but I dont play Tekken . .or Marvel, so I was wondering did anybody have any suggestions on who I should play to win? All jokes aside, I just want to run through the tourney and take the pot.

I was thinking Cable - Spiral - (anybody) and either Nina or Steve for Tekken

Theres a bunch of scrubs at my school that do super combos standing still and try cheap 10-hit combos, I watched them play marvel once. . they stand still until the words dissapear. LMFAO. I really just need to know juice.

suggestions? Help?

Any of you ever played really cheaply, use B&B tactics just to win?

I think I’m gonna Xianghua/Zasalamel/Taki the SC3. But honestly. . with the competition at ym school, I’d probably skate by with some created character nonsense. :lol:

I wonder have those famous marvel players ever did this.:rofl:

Bring a Keg of beer for everyone. Spike the beer with some strong Laxitive like Milk of Magnesia.

Make sure all the tourny players drink up. Then either win because the player had to crap or take advantage of the person discomfort.

Cheating is fundemental in those situations…lol.

Just play Cable(Anti-air)/Sentinel(Ground)/Commando(Anti-air).

Spiral requires too much work so ditch her.

No suggestions for Tekken.

Good luck.

^ What he said. And whenever you’re in shit, mash Commando.

Which version of T5 are you playing, and what would you say is the general skill level of the comp?

Actually, fuck that. Pick Jack-5.

For Tekken, try Nina / Steve / Bryan / Kazuya. For some good switch ups learn King and some of his multigrabs.

For Tekken 5, pick Steve, learn to abuse 3+4 -> anything and land lots of sidestep away into [3], 1, 1 -> [3], 1, 1 -> [3], 1, 1 -> [3], 1, 1 -> [3], 1, 1 -> etc.


If what you’re saying is true about how scrubby they are, than in Marvel pick Sent-Ground, Cable-AA, and CapCom-AA. Fly with Sent and mash CapCom out. Once you get meter, do AHVB with Cable. Seriously, if they don’t know how to play very well…that whole tournament is yours.

nina’s such a beast in 5.0, ss+2 is a great fast launcher, df+1,2 is highly abusable. and uf+1 is a great way to end juggles. heel stomps are safe after uf+1 too, people can try to get away from it, but you still get a partial hit. just learn some of her combos and all her multihit moves from her move list. if the comp there is crap you should win easy.

Yeah, Team Scrub will work fine. If you actually know a smidge of Mags and they suck that bad, MSP will provide a better show for the people.

Which school is this? :confused:

PS2 version of T5. So thats like 5.0 right?

general skill me - “i can do it if you teach me how” / pretty good

general comp - weak. they do 10-hit combos, no oki, no high damage, etc

The thing is, they are scrubby …but a scrubs can beat you in a game you’ve never played.

These guys dont understand concepts like disadvantage, bread n butter and juice.

To them mixups are cheap … you know what I’m saying?


god… if you need it that bad, I won’t tell anybody.


It’s OK, I won’t come take your prize money. Knock yourself out.

For MvC2, pick Team Scrub as everyone stated, if you are playing against people who have very little knowledge of it, Capt. Commando on aaa alone will hand them to pieces with your Sent at point. As for Tekken 5, my thoughts are this, either Steve or Nina, with Steve, 1,2’s own, or just 1 by itself is great, d/f+1+2 is also good, flickers are great, if you can learn Steve’s infinity by then, spam that alot, if they don’t know what they are doing, you’ll easily eat them alive with Steve. With Nina, 1,2’s, d/f+1,2, Dive Cannon, throws, b+1, ss+2, u/f+1 on tech catches are all your friends with Nina.

If the competetion is really that weak, learn a few things that’s abusable and you should be home free with the winning pot.

or stand still with Dr. Doom chipping their asses to death. Hell maybe you can give the FGC around your area the spark that it needed, once they see your gangsta ass infinites.

I can hold my own in MvC2 against other people who don’t play much by doing one of two things:

  1. Pick Cable/CapCom (anti-air assist)/whoever. Call Capcom a lot while jumping up and shooting with Cable. It will be surprisingly difficult to get through this.

  2. Pick Mags/Jugs (dash assist)/Psylocke. Start with Mags on point, and just use c.LK x2 -> c.HP (JC) (air combo). Call Jugs frequently, but only when it’s reasonably safe to do so–normally when you’re hitting the opponent with c.LK x2.

Both of these basically rely on throwing enough stuff on the screen to ensure that sooner or later your opponent will get hit by something. I’ve had reasonable success with them against other casual players, and you can pick them up in about the first ten seconds of play, so I recommend them as easy to learn if you don’t have the game.

If you have the game, then you may as well learn it properly, as others have suggested.


Like I said, I don’t know the game at all, and only play with friends. If the OP also only plays a few times a year, he might also find it an easy team to eke out wins with.

whack suggestion.DO NOT TAKE KING.only really good playas shud take him.u say u dont play t5 much?then use bryan-make sure u no ur wall juggles,and do alot of throw mix-ups since u playin against scrubs

check the threads on cable/capcom/sent right now. learn the basics of each characters, learn how to play with each character seperate as well just in case you lose one or two of them. learn to play with them using the assists, etc. um…you at least know the combos of each, etc. you should win no problem if they don’t know how to play well.

what school though?