So i never ended up going to evo


but im still training i met a lot of guys at arcade infinity, and i hope to go one of these years, im actually starting to get into abel, im doing my best to read up on him(i can duck fierce fist into ultra and super) he seems more my type than ryu or ken, props to everyone that went this year and congratulations to those guys that made it to finals.-needed to fix my car, long story short about me going, sorry for being all talk… see you guys online and around the world (billdrewdagreen)


^didju see my boy Juciebox do his thing at EVO this year?.. smoking cats left and right, busting out the FINAL JUSTICE!!.. and his Ultra dance left a few confused and many cheering… just saying… if you wanna see one of the best Abels… look at Juice




Yo, duck fierce fist is ftw.



My story:


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