So i ordered some buttons off arcadeworlduk

and as i always do, put a request on the bottom for them to send me something

Those guys done pretty damn good

I Liked it, but it doesn’t belong here.

Normally I’d clown on the obvious shill, but the sanwa stick I got in my SE’s left direction stopped working a while ago and I forgot where I got it from, so thanks for letting me know your employer exists.


Too bad you couldnt order directions to the proper forum to post this thread in

i wonder, how many of those 19k posts are attempted humour, and how many are actually helpful

i bet the ratio isn’t that great in the helpful favour

No but if you checked my phone youd notice that most of my texts with your mom are helpful in her getting off

16ers have been 0 for 4 on making good GD threads

Picture = sideways

Now, nobody has to look at it.

I bet you film with your phone vertically too.

I have to film op’s mom’s lopsided titties sideways so it doesn’t look like she is standing in a wind tunnel.

Am I on GameFAQs right now?

Whenever a game brings new users in:

“new” user here :wink:

i actually came here because of Blazblue

wait for the funny ‘mom’ jokes

Dustloop best place for GG/BB, hell they even have a damn good SFV section.

One of the only sister sites I really enjoy.

Oh boy 4 new posts! This going to be good!

The hell is this shit?

United Kingdom, doesn’t capitalize the letter i

Always asks for free stuff but can’t enjoy the free jokes


  • Joystick inbetween the D-UK, All on DOUK, sonic habeeb favorite game.

yeah, i’m a member there as well

joined this site for joystick advice, got a lot of angsty americans thinking they are funny/elitist