So I paid 10€ to get a laggy EVO stream?!


First of all, yes I do have a good PC and a very good internet connection, I can watch other streams in 1080p just fine, but this EVO stream is lagging like hell since yesterday on 720p+.

I tested different browsers and flash versions, but it’s always the same.
I’m so mad right now…


You paid to support the scholarship thing, the rest are just bonus benefits.
720p without the + is there to provide a smooth ride no matter which problems your internet has, and it looks great enough IMO.
Go to sleep and watch the archives later in 720p+ if it bothers you that much.


Everyone else is mad to. Do your part by uploading match footage onto YT.


Yes, quite apparently you **did **pay 10€ to get a laggy EVO stream.


Wanna know the solution??? Pop out the window. If it still lags your computer is ass.


Not sure what this has to do with discussion of fighting games. Moving to the Evo forum.


Tip, dont pay for free stuff.

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I’ve been streaming EVO for two days now and only once has it been “laggy” and that was only for about 20 minutes and nobody in the chat was having an issue. There is a good chance there is nothing wrong with your computer or you connection. What people fail to realize is that you may have a great connection to one place but not a great connection to somewhere else. Your PC takes a route to get to the server which is then streaming the content back to you and if that route has an issue on its way then you’ll end up with a choppy ass stream. Most likely that is your problem since there was almost no talk at all in two days in the chat about the stream being laggy.

It’s not your fault. It’s not your ISP’s fault (they don’t have control over much of the route). It’s not the fault of Twitch, Spooky or EVO. You’re just getting F’d by bad routing. If you know how to do a tracert then you can maybe find out where your problem is coming from.

I won’t hate on you since most people do not know enough about how networks work to know this but just know there isn’t much you can do except hope it clears up :frowning:


I was watching in 240p full screen. No problem here for a free stream. lol


I paid for the Evo stream and it was great on 720p+. My download speed is 32mbps down and 1mbps up, and I live in Canada.


480p stream was flawless on friday, but had a few hiccups on sunday. Nothing that refreshing the browser page couldn’t fix tho. I briefly wondered if paying for it would have meant less skipping, but I was never curious enough to spend the money to find out.

From the sounds of the OP I guess I made the right choice.

That said, for next year… If you can guarantee me 100% uptime, you can have my money stream organizers!


Had no Lag at 720p+, I did it mainly to support the scholarship.
I didnt even really watch the streams. i only checked it out a couple hours at night on friday and part of sunday.