So i patched the game on my own

i fixed the sound issues online
i fixed matchmaking problems, i can find players in seconds now
i fixed the overpowered GEM’s
i unlocked every DLC character
i unlocked every DLC gems
i unlocked every DLC custom

then i woke up


then you cursed your inability to hack

What a quality thread you have here.

This thread is now about Ketchup tiers.


Top tier?

Best ketchup is prolly made by some random farmer Brown out in the middle of no where with fresh grown tomatoes as he places it in his jars, so he can survive the long winters against the mountain wildebeests

Jack in the box Ranch> All condiments

Just like in the movies!

Barbeque Sauce bodies Ketchup free

Always liked the ketchup they use inside McDonald burgers, they only put a tiny amount. Probably 80% salt, 15% seasoning, 5% tomato

Honey BBQ Sauce :tup:

gotta love the squeezie choice for honey

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!? Is that like purple colored ketchup!? That sounds amazing!

I love Honey Mustard on almost anything. I didn’t even know Honey Mustard was a thing that existed until a year ago too. Maybe I’m a prisoner of the moment.

I prefer Heinz ketchup the most when it comes to that condiment.

Heinz Ketchup? Totally. Shitty fucking color abomination by the same character? No.

If they made a blue colored version of that ez squirt ketchup I’d put that shit on everything. I mean I probably wouldn’t eat it but still.

This shit is so true… I always tell them give me like 5 then i get a o-o wtf look…

spicy ketchup from Whataburger is da besss

Y’all know how I feel about stupid shitty threads like this.