So I picked up vol. 1 (Code of Honor) of the Street Fighter USA series yesterday

…and discovered it wasn’t as bad as I remember it was…

The artwork (aside from Bison having black eyes with white pupils…) is fairly decent (though the colors are overall lighter than they should be…)

The plotlines aren’t that bad either once you get past:

  • Zangief isn’t a bad guy (neither is Sagat, really. At least after all the retconning CAPCOM has done)
  • The main character is Ryu, not Guile (and his name is pronounced REE-yuu, not RYE-you)
  • SF isn’t G.I. Joe
  • All of the rest of the inaccuracies that were carried over from the movie
  • How does Balrog type with boxing gloves on? (And where’s his sidekick? You know, that little yellow thing…)

I have yet to get to the ep where Guile and Bison have to team up against goofy-voiced Akuma yet though…

Also, Guile getting thrown around by giant Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Dee Jay and Blanka would make a great av.

Finally, if Chun-Li yells “FIREBALL!!!” one more time, I’m going to Zanretsuken my T.V. It’s Kikoken, you bitch! KIKOUKEN!!!

Wow, I have the 2nd volume of it…are you sure that stuff happens?

Guile does not team up with Bison to fight Akuma, Ryu and Ken do.

And yes, Guile is the main character, and yes, SF is G.I Joe. Are we talking about the same series here?

Yes, I have the first season.

The show gets more faithful to Street Fighter Alpha (since CAPCOM wanted to push the games) in Season 2.

  • Yes, Ryu & Ken teamed up against Bison (I saw that episode too)
  • Yes, Rose (who’s a brunette because US audiences can’t handle someone with purple hair…) uses Blanka & Ken against Bison
  • Yes, Sakura enlists Ryu & Guile’s help to fight Sagat
  • Yes, there was a Final Fight episode
  • Yes, Cammy turned over to Shadaloo (but this was way before “Killer Bee” was ever conceived…)

I have season 1, I can’t find season 2 which is the one I really want.

all in all I liked this series , considering everything it wasnt that bad

season 2 was much better both in animation and story line wise though I think

Guile = Hey kids did you know that alcohol contributes to over 75,000 deaths a year in America.

Kids = Wow, now we know!

Guile = And knowing is half the battle.

I got the entire series, both seasons 1 and 2 online from Ebay for 10 dollars last year. You should try there if you haven’t.

The only episodes I liked in the entire show were the Final Fight episode and the Sakura episode. Both from season 2. Didn’t care much for the rest of the series.

WTF was up with Chun-Li dating a fake Conan the Barbarian from an alternate dimension? Yikes…

Man I’m such a dick,

I thought everyone was talking about the Udon TPB when I started reading the thread. I was reading Street Fighter is GI Joe, Guile and Bison vs Akuma and was like WTF! :wtf: Now I get ya, Animated Series, of course!

Take your ass back to Street Fighter School CptMunta! :sweat:

hm… UDON take notes:

Make next SF arc like GI Joe… have Guile team up with Bison VS Akuma. Make Fake Conan Character to date Chun Li and have her yell “FIREBALL” when she is mad at Conan… what else??


Make Blanka turn into Charlie for one issue. Only make Charlie Latino, tanned with black hair and if possible make it seem like Charlie still speaks like a monster. Those comics will fly off the shells I tell ya. :lol:

well since you brought it up, my dream would be to see a team up book of Street fighter and GI JOE

Conan the Barbarian or Conan O’Brien?

Oh, and make T. Hawk fly, that would be awesome!

Well season 2 was actually much better, but the show got canned even after the better storyline and better animation style. AND CHUN LI DOES SAY KIKOUKEN during the 2nd season. She says FIREEE BALL in the first season but they fixed it during the 2nd. I believe the FINAL EPISODE of SF2 really made it great, “cammy tell me true” is just great. I think this series is a good adaptation to the weirdness capcom usa did. Too bad USA canceled it…

is thier a website that delves into this series? I have found two sites that actually review 2 of the episodes but only two

Guile: You know T.Hawk, you really can’t fly.

T.Hawk: No, but I can glide!!!

  • actual season 2 dialogue

Dammit, I bought the second season used at my local Everyday Music store for 18$!

I had to buy it to relive old memories. Me and my friends popped it into the DVD player and laughed the whole way through. And if you ask me, I wouldn’t spending 6 million dollars so my son would learn some Responsibility. And yet that son turns out to BE THE GREATEST FIGHTER IN THE WORLD!!! ZOMG!!!