So i plan to make a custom stick, am i on the right track?


hey guys, i did some searching around about fighting sticks, and with more searching i realized the stock shop ones are crap for the price they want, and the fact that they are all jacked up cause of SF4…

So ive decided to travel the path of making my own from scratch, i work with stainless steel so it shouldn’t be too hard for me to make a nice box…

The only problem is acquiring parts, i found a shop in australia that has sanwa and semitsu sticks/buttons and ive decided to go with a semitsu setup.

Seimitsu Joystick 2/4/8 Way (LS-32-02)

PS-14-KN Translucent Seimitsu Push Button x8

are those 2 a good choice? i picked the buttons because they are clear and i can put art work underneath them, and the joystick well, because the retailer didnt have any sanwa’s, but seaching says they arent so different.

Now for the PCB, i was planing on using a ps3 controller, but cant afford to hack up one of mine at $100 a pop, so was thinking about getting a knock off, from ebay, im assuming that the pcb would be very similar to the original

this one here…|65%3A1|39%3A1|240%3A1318

unless there is an esier way in getting a pcb for ps3?

let me know if im on the right track, thanks guys!


Get a Toodles Cthulhu board if the shipping wont kill you. Search for it on here.


Order a Chthulu from toodles. I think that’s the best way, without being expensive. (PS3 PCB). The thread will be on this page atm.


ok, so according to the current doller it will cost $2 cheaper getting the Chthulu board than the ebay crap


also, what gate dose the standard LS-32-02 stick have?


All the joysticks come with a square 4 way gate, you can put an octagonal gate on the sanwa JLF and on some seimitsus but not on the LS-32…


aww, that i did not know, reading some threads afew said that the square gates make it harder todo the DP motion, is this actualy true? which is a good seimitsus stick that can take a octo gate?

That really threw a spanner in the works of things :frowning:


I play on a square gate and tbh it’s easy to DP on. Look at it like this:

square gates have 11 percent detection in each are of the stick. Up, down, left, right, diagonals…Whilst octos are mixed, and have only 6 percent in the diagonal motions.


All joysticks come with an 8 way… not a 4 way. Think about it… if you can hit diagonals then its 8 ways of motion. There seriously is so much confusion about that its ridiculous… common sense guys. 8 way. Remember that.

Square gate is fine. I’m not sure whats up with all the upsurge of people wanting octo gates but square gate is standard. Try it before you get an octo gate.


by 4 way i meant square gate, i dont know how else to explain it since i think he meant 8 way= octagonal gate…

and yeah of course all sticks can go diagonal too, its just there’s not a separate corner when hitting diagonals on the square gate like there is on the octagonal…

LS-56 can take an octagonal gate i think, not quite sure though i think you should better go with a sanwa JLF + octagonal restrictor


I could say “zebra pants” to describe a bat top because i meant it, but I’d be wrong. A 4-way gate means the joystick can only move in four directions. Using it in any other way is just spreading misinformation that is going to make someone new to this have a hell of a time shopping.


thats guys, i think ill try out the square gate seimitsu first, n after reading up on em they seem like more my playing style, its a shame the buttons are so expensive tho!


i personally feel there is a big difference between sanwa jlf vs seimitsu ls32 . i personally prefer the sanwa jlf much more.


well i prefer a tight stick, plus, i wanna get this project started soon and there seems to be no sanwa sticks anywhere


Good advice. Before I got my SE, I was assuming I’d have to get an octagonal gate to replace the square one, because it made sense that it’d be easier to hit the QCF-type moves. But after playing with the square gate for a while, I have no intention of getting the octagonal. The QCF is not bad, and the SRK (F, D, DF) is much easier.