So I suck and wan't your opinion on versus games

Recently I delved into the world of MK. I’m ok offline, but online play is disgusting. So I decided to go back to the SF series. I haven’t played a SF game since SFIV(original). I’m finding it really irritating this time around. I don’t comprehend how I can be grabbed through punches and my grabs go completely around a character and does nothing. I know about control space…or footsies and such, but jeeze either I got horrible during that hiatus or these games are more flawed than before.

With that said, I’m on a journey to find a fighting game that just clicks with me. The only other popular series I can think of is Tekken. BlazeBlue doesn’t tickle my fancy. I guess I’m tired of long juggles and bugs in games with horrid online play. I don’t have much of a option for playing people in person except with friends. I want to venture out into competitive gaming. The closest tournaments I could find to me where held in Nashville and Atlanta. What I’m asking is…what fighting game could you recommend with a decent online experience that isn’t too over the top?

The only popular series you haven’t mentioned so far is MvC3. At first MvC3 is really really fun, but then you realize how crazy cheap the game is and you begin to hate it. That and you realize how OP Phoenix is and naturally get pretty salty unless you use her yourself. I was in a salt coma for days after not making it to EVO quarterfinals because of a Zero/Trish/Phoenix. Also, if you don’t like long combos you will HATE this game. Some combos can quite literally last about a minute or two. Online play is total ass too. MvC3’s netcode is utter crap.

Overall I’d say your best bet is to try out KOFXIII when it comes out.

Thanks for the response. I have MVC3 and I hate it with a passion. I’ve never played a KOF before so I’m gonna go look that up now.

Maybe fighting games aren’t for you? You could play some ST I guess, that’s always a tried and true favorite, but it really depends on how the community is in your area.

Don’t get me wrong here. I love fighting games, it’s my favorite genre. I just took too long of a break and now I’m paying for it. I’m like a beginner all over again. What is ST?

A good start would be getting over blaming the game for your performance; I mean, it’s an easy thing to do with SFIV especially, given all the hate that is out there, but it is a mindset that is going to hinder you more than any ‘flaw’ in the game.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

You can’t be successfully competitive when you don’t even care to learn the game you’re playing. You need to take a step back and get some perspective. None of the things you listed were bugs, and your inability to perceive them as anything but is only because you didn’t bother to look up how the game engine works. It’s more than just combos, some basic concepts and learning through feel. You’re going to run into the exact same problems in every single game if you don’t change your outlook.

We all start like this, but you have troves of information at your disposal, what with the internet and all. You don’t have to be stuck in this state very long. Make sure you read up on the Wikis on their respective websites (SRK, Dustloop, 8WayRun, TZ, Testyourmight) and find some general guides online (Like Vesper Arcade’s tutorial or anything similar on the Youtubes) to ensure you’ve got a good understanding of what you’re doing before you cry foul.

I don’t see how someone who proclaims their love for fighting games can, in the same post, not know what ST is. =P

Anyways, I would suggest KOF, maybe SFxT when it comes out. Tekken is fun, but hard to get a hang of especially if you’ve been playing 2D fighters for a long time – being able to sidestep is a really weird transition.

I would also highly recommend you get back into SF4, just so you can get a feel for the mechanics again while waiting for 2012, which will hopefully be a huge improvement on AE.

Unfortunately, the popular games aren’t too good at the moment. Your best bet would probably be to wait for KOFXIII and maybe Skullgirls. KOF does have some long juggle combos, but they use up a lot of meter and only tend to happen near the end of a match. In the meantime, you could try playing some older games on GGPO. Some games I think are really good are SFA2, Vampire Savior, KOF98, and KOF2002.

play super turbo

Lol with the problems I mentioned above nearly all of it had to do with online and input lag. I don’t experience that stuff offline. I just don’t have a large fighting scene where I live. The closest in Nashville and ATL, so the most practice I get is online sadly.

Those problems you mentioned had absolutely nothing to do with input and network lag. Attacks, especially normals, can being throw-vulnerable during startup. As for your grabs whiffing: you can’t grab an opponent who hasn’t completely recovered from hitstun/blockstun or knockdown, allowing you to whiff throws despite being within normal grab range.

You don’t experience that stuff offline because you’re either not looking for it or you haven’t run into it. Online has nothing to do with it.

SFIV is actually bug-free outside of some seriously obscure hiccups that you have a 1-in-a-million shot of running into in a regular match. Network lag doesn’t even factor into it ever because of how the game stubbornly handles it’s netcode and gameplay between player clients.

If you’re going to keep labelling basic factors of gameplay as “bugs”, you’re going to go absolutely nowhere.

Stop doing it. Embrace everything you run into as part of the game, and figure out why it happens. You may find yourself learning something you didn’t even realize existed.

I’ve had a great experience online in MVC3. Its alot better than MK9 lol.

Dude I say stick to SSF4AE. The reason I said that is because its a game that you can get your groove back rather quickly (like MVC3). As long as you keep playing the game and keep working on your spacing, you should do fine in the game…

Also, MVC3 may be some broke shit, but its fun as hell bro. The combos are cool, the characters are great, the game could last forever or be quick as hell. Its a good game. It can’t replace MVC2, but its a damn good game IMO. This is coming from a guy who started off playing SoulCalibur when I was 7 and moving on to MVC2, two damn good fighting games.

You said he called them “bugs” but the OP never did call them that. He called them “flaws” which is honestly in the eye of the player. Some people call it flaws, others call it game mechanics (DHC glitch for example). Obviously the things he listed are as designed but hes obviously semi-new to the new scene.

However I agree with your overall statement here and I think he should follow it. To win you must embrace everything you run into and figure it out. If its difficult to beat it, practice against it. If its broken, use it until it gets banned. Thats why the top are where they are. They learn the basics and then master the best tactics/characters and stick with em.

I would suggest waiting on AE2012, Skullgirls, or the new KOF. That way you can get a fresh start with a lot of other players and it won’t seem so bad. Or just try your hardest to learn the ins and out of the game. Its frustrating as hell, and take it from me, it won’t be easy. Unlike most video games fighting games take a lot of time and effort to become competitive.

LOL. I wasn’t talking about SF man. Most of my rant was directed towards MK. Have you never played that game? Even the pro MK players talk about how many bugs are in that game. For example…I can perform Baraka’s spin wake up attack and the opposing player can grab me through it lol. That sounds like a bug to me.

Anyway the whole point of this thread was for me to learn about games I never played so I can find something that I would really enjoy.

Ok. Let me clarify some things here.

I am not a fighting game noob. I may not know much about frame data and whatnot like the rest of you, but I have been playing vs games my whole life. When I was in elementry school I would sneak and play MK 2 and 3. In middle school and all of high school I was huge on Tekken, especially ttt. When SFIITHDR came out I bought it day 1 as well as SFIV. I played those games all the way up to the release of SSFIV, but I became burned out. When MK9 came out I bought it missing the competitiveness of fighting games, but it didn’t last long. Since I made this post I bought AE, I’m digging it and already have over 50% win percentage so things are starting to come back.

Thanks for the suggestions guys, also Skullgirls looks amazing.

So how do you not comprehend tick throws like in your OP? It sounds like you’re too lazy to learn how these things work and are looking for a fighter without much depth so you don’t have to put much time into it to become good. You need to put some proper time into these games and learn how they work instead of copping out because you don’t comprehend how something works. All modern fighters have their own nuances.

I think you’re overlooking this post as well. Most of my gripes were about MK9. Tick throws are a SF tech. Play MK…perform a wake up attack and watch your opponent walk up to you casual and just grab you through a spin…its the equivalent of someone walking through Ryu’s hadouken without taking any damage and punching you in the face. I guess you don’t play MK either.

How was this about MK when you were talking about SF?

You’re right though, I didn’t read it properly, it’s not about tick throwing, it’s the fact that you can indeed be thrown and command grabbed out of certain moves, this is not new.