So i took the joystick plunge...question?

So i got the Marvel vs. capcom TE fight stick and i am digging it so much. It is very responsive and i love the feel of it compared to the xbox 360 control. I was very experienced playing sf4 with the xbox 360 standard control. People would be amazed because i would ask them if they were using a joystick. and then they would find out i was using an xbox 360 control and theyd be amazed by my execution. ultimatley i was jelous of stick users and i thought the xbox control was holding me back. So i bought the stick. Obviously, being so experienced with a controller, it made it really hard to play with the joystick, but i noticed my execution is getting a lot better without even riding the walls because i figured execution would be better if i didnt ride the walls, which i considered wasted effort. is this right? Also, if i said i was pretty damn good at sf with a controller and have never had joystick experience prior to this, what is the estimation in your “opinion” of how long id take for me to get as efficient with the stick than the control? Also, can you guys give me some beginner tips that i should know that i wouldnt otherwise, having no knowledge of sticks.If there is a thread for that ill check it out thanks! :rofl:


For getting used to it: It depends on how much you play and how good you already are at the game. You say you’re pretty good so it really shouldn’t take more than 2 weeks. Some people can take months, some weeks.