So I want to dual mod this 360 controller onto my MC Chuthulu board

That’s the controller right there, as you can see I’ve stripped off all that black stuff to expose the copper I need.

That’s the diagram of the controller. So I was wondering, can I actually mod this to work? All the tutorials I’ve seen were for madcatz controllers. The reason I chose this controller was because one of the buttons on it broke and my brother was going to throw it away.

I think it should be fine as long as you don’t use the triggers on the 360 controller, provided that it is the mostly common ground one.

Not Common Ground.
No Dual Mod.

Unless you know how to turn into Common Ground.
Which takes stuff.

Gummowned does it a lot.

well going of this diagram it looks like I have all i need to do this properly. I just wanted to ask some experts before I bother attempting it.

Unless you be using Analog Switches and Hex Inverters, Resistors and Transistors, or Optocoupler and more to turn into Common Ground.
You cannot just follow that diagram to Dual Mod.

I figured I would need something along the lines of that. But I’m not to sure how to go about doing all of that, so I guess I got some research to do.

from the sounds of it u are about to destroy that 50 dollar controller…good luck…

I’m pretty sure thats the early version wireless board (non-common ground). Just stop. The best you could do is just make a wireless 360 stick.

If it is the late version board (is common ground) then its possible to use, but you’ll still have other issues to deal with.

Oh and the d-pad solder spots are a bitch to deal with. Easy to rip off and then you’re on the hunt for via spots.

The stick was already pretty much done with. But now that I know i can’t use it properly it’s pretty much a loss cause. Thanks for letting me know this before I made to big of a error at all guys.