So I want to fix my SE Stick

I’ve been having a problem with the stick, as it doesn’t allow movement to the left whenever I play SF4. The MadCatz site said this had to do with a washer that shifted out of place. I don’t feel like sending the thing in to be fixed, that and I lost the receipt when I picked it up from GameStop.

So I’ve decided to fix the problem myself. Anyone else have the same issue, and if you did, how did you fix it (if you did)?

If the pcb has already been damaged, about all you can do is replace the stick. If you’re happy with the stick thats in it, it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone who upgraded and doesn’t care very much about their old one.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t have much experience with the terminology; what do you mean by the pcb?

PCB. Printed Circuit Board. The physical board/nonconductive panel that has a series of conductive paths that send and receive signal. Your buttons are all wired to something so that when you press it down, it credits you for your input. They are wired to a PCB board. In MasterKojiro’s example, he says the PCB might be damaged. That could mean a number of things, from broken transistors to something disrupting the circuit’s path.

Could the washer be disrupting the path?

It is known that the Washer in stock Mad Catz Joystick gets out of its place.
And so when doing movements, the Washer moves around and scratches Joystick PCB.

I have two extra OEM sticks (already upgraded to Sanwa) and would be willing to send you mine if you paypal me the shipping fees.

I actually recommend upgrading to the Sanwa stick anyway.

just Sanwafy your stick.

Undiscovery and JDM, thanks for the info. I think I still want to crack this thing open just for curiosity’s sake, see if the damage isn’t too bad…which it probably is.

@Newtybar: how do I get a hold of you to get those sticks sent? I’m good with PayPal.

Err…you mean the Dust Washer? I’m not familiar with the SE stick, but the Dust Washer is on the outside of the panel. Physically speaking, there is no way that it should be able to come in contact with the PCB that’s housed inside the box.

EDIT: Yeah, get your hands dirty and take pictures if you have to. I don’t know much about the layout of the SE stick, but I do know plenty about electrical circuits.

I was referring to the washer inside the box; the one that’s sitting around the joystick. That’s what MadCatz said was causing problems with the input.

I’ll post some pics on the inside layout, I haven’t seen any online or here.

There are actually quite a few pics around here of the inside of the SE stick. Opening it up is cake though, this stick is actually a very good beginners model to mod. Its the first stick I’ve ever tried modding, even a noob like me had no issues cracking it open and rooting around. Waiting to get Sanwa buttons, but I’ve removed the stock ones and replaced them just for grins to see how hard it would be. Its just a step up from snapping one lego to another.

I’ve been thinking about modding the stick, or just going with the TE upgrade.

And a question for the board: If the washer did damage the pcb, I’m going to have to replace that as well, aren’t I?

If Joystick PCB damage, you just replace Joystick all together.
Sanwa JLF would do it right; the whole JLF comes with its own PCB anyways.

Unless you for some reason want to keep the Mad Catz Joystick, but replace Joystick PCB.

You have the SE already, why not just spend the $50 or so on Sanwa buttons and stick over $150 for the TE stick?
Yeah, the TE stick is damn sexy though, I bought one last Monday, even with Sanwa parts about to hit for my SE, so don’t take my advice. :looney:
And jdm is right, a new stick comes with the pcb, don’t worry about that. Sanwa JLF works wonders.

^^^Correct. If you did manage to damage the PCB of the joystick, then you have to get a new joystick altogether. Even though the shaft, switches, actuator, etc are all independent parts that make up the joystick, I don’t know of any retailers that sell the PCB included in Sanwa joysticks as a stand-alone product.

Lol; Advice noted. I’m praying they’ll sell some of the Comic-Con Ed TE in their store. Those are sexy. I picked up a CC FightPad in the meantime.

I’m looking at the Akihabara shop’s Sanwa JLF’s right now, I’m guessing the box connected to the stick is the pcb. I’m about to crack the SE open right now, so I’ll post some pics when I get back.

Thanks for everyone’s help!

You actually can buy the Sanwa TP-MA (Microswitch PCB Assembly) separately.
ModChipMan, Lizard Lick, and many more has available.

Just paypal me the money (probably like $8 bucks) and it should have your address. I’ll go ahead and ship and provide tracking. PM me if you are interested.

Personally, I’d say just get the JLF Sanwa.

No need for the TE stick, you can make your SE look secxy.