So i want to learn this game properly

Been playing sf forever, but never took it to a competitive level. When Super dropped I was more interested in learning and playing this game without QCF HP being the only move i used. So here and there i look up information, and i’m aware some of some of my problems, (like my execution being akin to that of an enraged silverback gorilla) But that is laziness on my part, as i rarely practice for execution, (which i will start doing)

My question is i have a couple videos I’ve uploaded, i was curious if anyone would like to see where some of my problems are besides executionary things. Like how’s my positioning, blocking, etc. Do i even look like i have potential or the right mind for the game? Just stomp me a new hole, because i’m not good and the harsher the faster i can learn. I have played every char in the past but am now sticking to Ryu only to hone myself in on the basics.

VS Sagat


Now i’m usually not this flippin bad, this was my first game of the day, and i recently just switched to an Octo gate (excuses abound) which i’m trying to get used to (may switch back to square figured i’d try it since i havn’t) Main question here is how would i advance forward in this scenario?

VS Balrog


Balrog has always given me problems as i can usually never get a hit on him or FA him since his normals are so quick… so any info is appreciated.

My thanks, and condolences to anyone who watched/suffered through my gameplay. and was kind enough to leave feedback.

Also anyone who wants to beat some information into me, offer some advice, etc. send me a FR with the msg SRK to my gamertag on XBL: Deadlight 7 I’ll probably be on tonight passed 11 Eastern. video 2. tell me why i suck 3.??? 4 Profit.

Here is the biggest things I noticed.

Match 1 - Your’e playing Ryu vs Sagat. Ryu is one of the few characters that can keep up most of the time with Sagats long range FB game. You need to fight back against his FB’s with yours. If you feel liek you’re losing, you have plenty of options. You chose to block in most cases. If you feel like you need to move forward you can always duck under the high tigers and neutral jump over either. If you neutral jump you’re not giving up space or getting pushed back by the FB’s and you’re back to where you just walked forward to. As for getting in closer, you have to look for the usual tiger uppercuts or from Sagat however you shouldn’t jump at him at that distance if he’s not knocked down to begin with. You should look for when he’s starting a move or an FB that you can jump over and smack him while he’s in animation.

As for your match there. More neutral jump, more fireballs, and less jumping in at stupid distances. I do want to point out though, you didnt’ AA when the sagat jumped in on you most of the time and neither did he. Pay attention to patterns like that. If you find you get away with a stupid jump in more than once, you can usually bet the guy is just going to do nothing. Against a good player, they’re usually looking and won’t miss a second FREE AA on a stupid jump in.

Match 2 - You should walk forward and neutral jump over fireballs that he is throwing. The only time you moved forward really in most of that video was with dash punches. Balrog has FANTASTIC pokes. You should simply make your way into range and poke away and play footsies, after all Balrog excels at this. Yes, I know he could mash uppercut, but thats what Balrog’s jab is good for baiting :stuck_out_tongue: you whif jab, he uppercuts, you punch him in the face. Also, when you’re in range, dash into throw is good too. Also I noticed you only really use the j.hp on jump in. You must remember that the j.hp should primarily be used as a mid range jump in. In closer ranges you should use the instead. has a much better hitbox when in close.

That is all. Hope that helped.

Wow RXS you just gave me a stupidly obvious epiphany. Thanks alot! Also, i was playing as Ryu in Match 2 as well haha. Thanks again!

I’m pretty bad when it comes to being rushed down. as you can see. What could i have done here to avoid his all up in my faceness?

VS Seth

people have always said "you need a stick if you’re going to play SF"
with SF4 that has never rang truer, doing p-links with a pad is pretty damn hard. i have practiced combos in training mode doing them normally & then p-linking, & p-linking is much more consistent. if you’re serious you should invest in a stick if you don’t have one already…i sure would if i could right now, your game would probably improve just by taking this step alone

Yeah, i had a Hori EX2 and i just modded it with some attractive artwork and sanwa parts :smiley:

um. one thing i noticed was you used a HP fireball on the balrog while he was in the corner most rog’s would expect that so for me i use a lp fireball on them so at least the tail of it could possibly hit him and give me some time to think about my next move. (not a pro tip but just my 2cents)

Thanks Silent, i was doing that a little bit in some other games against him (it was an endless and we played a bunch of games) so i was a little adapted to his playstyle… I think he was going easy on me lol.

Ah lol :slight_smile: see improving already.

and watch this O_O


I noticed that at around 43 seconds of the seth video that you hit him with a focus attack then followed up the lp lp mk fb when you had ultra and could have done a shitload more damage… Even if you didnt have ultra and easy combo like t.hp shoryuken or c. hp tatsu would have done more damage.

The thing I noticed you do alot of that I am against is jumping in. I personally try to make it a habit to not jump when possible. Focus fireballs and hits and dash to cover ground. Another thing I would probably suggest is to get extremely familiar with your pokes as well as others. In the Balrog match you would get just a little to close and throw out a footsie, miss, and get punished. Just my 2 cents.

BTW, lmao about having a nice kitchen on my post.

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