So I want to make a game

That’s the aspirations of everyone these days, I know. But I wanted to make a game that encompassed the strategy in a fighting game and mixed the MMO Fantasy experience. A game that would take skill to get good at, not simply hacking and slashing and buffing and potion drinking until you either killed something and leveled up and died and went back to a spawn point. A true MMO Adventure RPG.

So I wanted to share my checklist of things that I know needs done.

First off, I need to get a solid Income. Money helps the world go round and it motivates people to want to work with me. If I can pay people, I can get aid on making this thing.
-Programming Knowledge-
That same money is going to go towards Schooling. I have an idea, but nobody will make my game for me. I need to program it and design it myself.
-Design Skill-
If I can’t design it, I can’t make it. Again, More schooling will be needed for this. But if I can pull it off, I’ll be closer to making my game.

What about you guys? If there was an online game that focused more on a player’s personal skill rather than the mindless grinding that everyone else does, would you play it?

These threada pop up from time to time. 99% of you have no fucking idea how hard it is ti make a game. Especially with out a solid team.

If you are serious, put your mmo tgat would take you 7 years to program by your self if you already know how to program and start small

Games can take anywhere from a year to 10 years to properly make, and with only one guy and a dream, it could never even make it off of the document on my computer.

My hope is learn how to make a game, so that even if this idea can’t go anywhere, I’ll have the necessary ability to make something later.

lol I remember some kids in one of my last programming classes tried to make an MMO for the class project. Didn’t go so well.

This is such a classic type of thread. They’re all the same. Guy is at level 0 in game making, yet wants to make an MMO. It never succeeds.
How about you make “Hello World” and work your way up from there.

Look, if you want to learn how to make games, here’s the most important tip. You don’t start out making MMOs. I don’t know where people keep getting this idea.
It’s certainly not impossible to learn how to make games. But be glad if you can even make a Super Mario clone or Tetris properly after a few months of learning.

Well, at least you’re not one of those guys who expects other people to just jump onboard and make their game (typically an MMO) for them, like their idea was a gift from god.

hi dude
here is your past, present, and future
best wishes for you in all of your endeavours

Age 10: you want to play games
Age 15: you wish you could make games
Age 20: you want to have game
Age 25: you wish you could play games
Age 30: you got played and
Age 35: now your kids want games

That was harsh

(Personally, my goal in life is to wear plaid and catch game.)

I have to agree with this to a degree. Just because of the difficulty of game design. You can sit around writing and creating art for months,but you are going to need a solid programmer who knows what the hell he’s doing. I think a lot of people have started on their own project at one time or another including myself and it’s so easy for you design document to just end up on the shelf.

You should start off making basic games first. I had to make two prototype games for my project this year, one in Unity and one in Flash, and that shit took long. Making the assets isn’t hard but when it comes to programming, you’re gonna get raped. There’s many tutorials online so just try those out to get a feel for what you’re in for.

srk just loves to kill peoples dreams.

Not really killing dreams as much as it is informing the OP of the difficulties of game development. Better we tell him know than him figuring it out one or two years from now. We’re not telling him to give up.

If you wanna make a game then go to school and get some books.

Well, as I said, I want to make an MMO Action RPG. That’s the goal. But I know realistically that I’ll never be able to make that as my ‘first’ game.

That’s why I posted this, so I could get feedback, and have people tell me ‘Okay, well, first you should do this, work your way through that, and then try your hand at this before you even consider your idea!’

Knowing that, I know how to go through the strokes and try and get something done. Brilliant Ideas are Brilliant in Theory, but I need Execution if I actually want to get that far, which I don’t see happening for a good long time. I’m not an idiot, and I’m not Naive. This is just what I want to do, and with people’s suggestions and getting put in the right direction, I can get there.

Nobody will pay to play an MMO that takes a long time to get good at, period.

And besides by making it a Fantasy MMO you’re making WoW your direct competitor and you’ve already lost.

Honestly it’s best to either make a basic head-to-head multi-player game,basic action adventure RPG,or a good side scroller if you’re going independent. Action adventure RPGs are good if you want to go with story. side scroller is good for a straight single player experience. And simple multi-player is self-explanatory.

2D is definitely the better way to start out.

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(I have to wonder how many of these threads pop up…and yet always get replied to unlike that thread I made in FGD trying to find out what type of fighting games people liked and the in-depth reasons why. [/bitterness])

Hunh. These threads are usually in Fighting Game Discussion, but then again, they’re usually about wanting to make Fighting Games and not (MMO) RPGs.

Anyway, yeah, I have to agree with Pimp Willy. Even though I’m not familiar with and generally couldn’t care less about MMORPGs, trying to make it an MMO (Fantasy) Action RPG just seems like you’re asking to be crushed by World of Warcraft and, too a much less degree, the newer Final Fantasy games and those various superhero MMORPGs, especially if you’re doing it by yourself.

That said, I’d say that an RPG would be a lot more doable than an MMO RPG. Why the hell do you want to make an MMO RPG to begin with?

Let’s pretend that you actually had all the resources, including people, to feasibly pull this off and that you didn’t have to worry about WoW automatically having your target audience by the short-hairs. Please then answer why you would want to make an MMO Action RPG in the first place with an answer that is more elaborate than “I like those types of games”. Not that it’s not a valid reason, but it’s not enough IMO. [/triple negative]

Regardless of your answer, I would recommend you read this: Finishing a game.

If it’s any consolidation my first game was a basic flash lottery game and I’m still learning shit.

My personal opinion, use C++.
Build a basic console (command prompt) game like tic-tac-toe or a trivia game.
If you can do that and you’re not going crazy, learn about Allegro or SFML. (Unless someone knows something better) I like Allegro.
Start messing around with 2d stuff.

This kids source is messy but you can learn a lot of basic stuff.
Collision Detection, Screen Scrolling, Tile Mapping and so forth.

i have a few progrmas on my laptop and my pc if you would like them ?

they could get you started. i could also link you out with some guides.

hay everybody starts somewhere.

only problem is it will take some time to find the programs >_<

good luck