So I want to make my own fighting game engine


How would I go about doing that?

And to elaborate on what kind of engine I’m trying to make, I want it to be like a 3d beat em up engine. Like Lollipop Chainsaw, or God of War, or Ninja Gaiden. One of those kinds of games.


Get a few million dollars, a team of developers, and say a year of time. Actual contacts in the video game industry wouldn’t really hurt either. And experience. Dreams hold a lot but the conversion rate for them seems to be rather lower thanks to Spain.


Go to school to become a programmer with additional courses in game design and technology. That would be a rather large Step 1.


Join the club.


I’m well on my way to that step actually.

But isn’t there something I can do right now? Like mods or something. I’m tired of sitting around waiting for September.


The chances are slim man, there’s no free software out there that is just going to easily allow you to make a playable game in the time span your looking for.
Id suggest finding something else to do with your free time for the time being.


There’s no build-a-game-engine program out there on the market. Since you have no programming skills, there’s literally nothing you can really do, unless you can manage to snag a dev-kit from a major developer (next to impossible).

Making a game engine isn’t like creating a website. The latter of which, there are several programs to facilitate production (i.e. Dreamweaver). It’s extremely technical and requires a strong knowledge of computer systems. All of which you’re going to have to learn in school.

Your best bet is to scribble down some notes as to how you want to design your engine. Make crib notes of sketches, or ideas, something on the creative side that doesn’t take much technical ability to do. After you get your education, then you can start to mold your ideas into your proposed game engine or design. But realize that this will take a LONG ass time to do by yourself. If you want to do it as a fun side-project, great, but taking those ideas and creating an actual game out of it will take work.

It’s like saying “I want to build a car”. Great. You have a dream. But now you’ll need the expertise to actually make it a reality.


You could try

Not going to make the greatest fighting game ever, but will give you a start.

I made this

and have no ability to actually program (no IT school, no knowledge of programming languages.)


Do what I do, which is the most important step: write up a game design document to outline gameplay mechanics and functionality. Then move into storyboards and wireframes with annotations to express interactivity. These two documents are key to a successful project, and act as sales tools and communication documents when trying to get your project moving.

I know you’re looking to make an engine, but you could at least get started by illustrating gameplay scenarios that demonstrate the capabilities in document form, which will help you better communicate your ideas.


Never too late to learn a programming language. :smiley:

If you want to build a 3D one though, I would recommend using an existing engine like Unity. Coding an engine from scratch, especially by a beginner, would probably take way too long. Or at least it is for me, it’s been at least 4 months and I haven’t gone too far in it. D:


This. Whether you are designing a game engine or a new toaster, the beginnings are similar. What are the features? What do you want it to look like? All those sorts of questions should be fleshed out before you even touch any sort of design program.

I’ll throw the rule of P’s in here: Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.


Thanks for the advice. I already have started making notes of what I would want my game to play like, and I play many beat-em-up style games for references. I’m just really ambitious and I’m ready for college and I’m ready to start learning all this stuff so I can do this. Every day I’m always taking notes, writing down ideas, talking into a tape recorder, and studying the games I play. I’m just so obsessed with this stuff now.


This isn’t doing it from scratch like you’re talking about, but are you aware of the Beats Of Rage project? It’s an engine for making your own beat-em-ups. The page I linked to says the BoR project itself is no longer maintained, but there’s an open source community fork, and somewhat of a sequel by the original development team.

If I were you I’d pore over the community fork’s source, write your own comments/documentation based on what you understand, tweak stuff here and there to play around, stuff like that. Having existing known-good source (as far as I know it’s good at least) will go a long way.

The only game of significance that I’ve ever programmed successfully was Hunt The Wumups in C#/XNA, having the BASIC sourcecode and a high-level description as my guidelines. So I really think having source code for an existing game will help a lot.


There is always mugen if you want to stick to a 2d engine .
It isn’t the best engine but I seen some fairly well made games on the internet


Learn Unity.


GameMaker works better for 2D though and the OP wants to do 3D. Personally, I find it works better formaking shmups then fighters.


3D you say??

just kidding…

Anyways I don’t know… there is this maybe
But I have never used it…

For 2D, I used GameMaker around 10 years ago, and it was okay. But have never tried the later versions.

Then there is GameSalad, if you’re a Mac user…and want to make games for those iPads, iPhones, etc.
(seems like they’re working on the Windows version)

My experience with GameSalad, well I only spent a few hours observing other people using it…while I was visiting an indie game company’s office. Reminds me a lot of GameMaker.

My advice is to start from the basics once you have dabbled with GameMaker, Beats of Rage, Mugen, or whatever.

You can start from here if you want… - Game Programming Wiki

Start from learning a programming language, build a game or two(and finish them). But don’t give up too soon. Because it’s not going to be easy, and your first game may not look as good as you expected. I mean your dream is to make a beat em up game, one that is as good as God of War… but in reality your first game may be a Pong clone…Then as you learn more, you make a Pac-Man clone. Then you build a platform game. From there you keep progressing, as you learn more.

It’s like building an arcade stick… Your first attempt may be one that uses a shoe box as the case. But as you learn more on building them, you build better sticks.

And I think that’s all I can say…since I’m just someone who did some research & wrote an essay on game development while I was on college. Maybe someone like Mike Z can give you better pointers.


Hmm… I wonder if I can use this to port GunBat to the iPhone.