So, I want to propose this idea to Capcom

of eliminating disadvantages for, I’m hoping, many people whether they be left or right handed or suck on both sides or whatever.

The idea is to go deeper when it comes to control configuration. It would be great if you could configure special commands to different motions. There’s just way too many instances where I and hopefully others, potential are held back because they just cannot do a command on either 1st or 2nd player sides. For instance, with Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike for me, I can’t combo link into a super because doing the motion correctly is just too slow for the split second timing needed to activate a super. While on the 2nd player side, I created my own motion and am just capable of doing a super in the time frame needed. The problem with me is that the only way seemingly after weeks of practice, of quickly discharging a super on the 1st player side is to mash the controls in hopes that it’ll connect but its like 1 out of 10 chance of happening sadly. Since the :qcf: shares the same command somewhat, I usually do a fireball for example, instead of the desired super.

I have 4 ideas to make Street Fighter games more accessable to all and to level the playing field across the fan base. Like I just mentioned above, it would be nice to change a certain command like :qcf: to another motion just so it doesn’t interrupts the super art motion of :qcf: x2.

2nd idea is kind of weird but I’m just desperate for ideas since I love Street Fighter so much even though I suck. In my own playing style, I can do :qcb: x2 on the 2nd player side with one quick motion unlike my handicapped 1st player inability to do the same. So to remedy this handicap, there should be a way to configure one players 1st and 2nd player side motions. Basically, I just want to do the same motion on both sides ^_^;

Another problem is the lack of sensitivity adjustments, performing any command in 3rd Strike seems a little strict, I want to do a easy :qcf: x3(Yang’s special move) but it doesn’t always fire away at my command, many times it doesn’t work at all. Its weird, in the old arcade days, I would have no problem executing Fei Wongs special :qcf: x3 which is basically the same as Yangs. I have 4 joysticks, 2 HAPPS, one Sanwa, and one Seimitsu. I thought maybe the controls were the problem but its the game. It shouldn’t be so strict when doing a command. If I wanted to do a Hadouken doing this :hcf: motion instead of:qcf:, why not just let it fire away since its almost the exact same motion unless there’s a special move using the aforementioned motion. Timing of combos is affected by this too, I don’t see why you have to be so precise in your timing just to do a certain combo link.

Last idea is to just basically be like first person shooters, configuring every single command to whatever motion you like. Its seems similar to my other ideas but its taking a step further. For example, I fail at doing certain commands because of the left/right handed handicap, the motions are almost completed but lack one step. With this idea, why not just let me adjust the motions to how my disadvantaged hand movement handles the motion?

If there are any problems blind to my eyes, please let me know without flaming.

Some pet peeves…

Where’s the option to parry any and every characters normal moves set to specials and supers. Even with a friend, it wouldn’t be enough practice. This is Street Figher, where only the hardcore remain.

And last, why is Capcom adding then taking away ideas for each and every game? Everything from parrying to rolls to small jumps to custom combos should become a staple in every future Street Fighter game.

who the hell is Fei Wong and what game was he on?

Fei Wong lins!


Whoops, I forgot the guys name, he’s the Bruce Lee like character that was introduced in Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers.

It’s Fei Long’s dark side, shown only in the Japan only release of Super Street Fighter II: Deluxe Rainbow Champion Edition Alpha EX plus ’ (Or SSFII:DRCEAX+’)

Basically it’s Fei Long with Akuma’s moves and teleport, he was lame.

You cant just throw every SF system into one game unless you do grooves. Grooves are ok i guess but SF to me is more about the simplist system with fireballs, shoryus, chargers, etc.

Having parry, rolls, recoveries, CCs, etc in one game system (no grooves) would be chaos imo.

Now this made me lol harder than all the so called joke threads.

that sounds sexy.


MAYBE they could have a mode where there is an on-screen warning two seconds before a character does a special move so that the other player can know it’s coming ahead of time and be ready to counter it: fights would look a lot more choreographed and cinematic this way!!!

Not tourney legal though :sad:

Why don’t we just have dial-a-combos set to a button? :confused:

:rofl: This is a legit complaint, not an idea as retarded as the creation of V-ISM in Capcom Vs. SNK 2 EO and I don’t know what your trying to say.

Am I really the only one handicapped from either the left hand or right hand? I’m sure there’s alot of people that would be interested in this but I don’t know, maybe the Shoryuken fanbase has lost all its mature people. You must be blind if you wanna even compare this to V-ISM.

Not everyone can play on the highest level, heck most can’t because of handicaps like this. Nothing suggests what I said in this thread that you thought to reply too. I’m baffled at the current responses, real skill is all about the fighting psychology, not the ability to do moves that shouldn’t be so hard to even muster.

If your not a pro in 3rd Strike, can you guess why? The problem is the amount of failed command executions.

Execution is part of being good at a game.

sig worthy.

Whats wrong with my ideas? Its basically like changing commands for a FPS but not making it easier than some of you think I"m suggesting.

Bei Bong owns Fei Wong free?

I’m hoping you have some kind of horrible disfigurement or deformity that prevents you from doing commands, because otherwise this is one of the weakest posts I’ve ever seen.

I can spit on a controller in Third Strike and make a super come out.

Once again, this is not comparable to V-ISM in Capcom Vs. SNK 2 EO where one button executes a super. With my idea, the game is barely any different, only in executing commands which shouldn’t even be hard to register and playing at your best without anything to hold you back aka the controls. Nowhere did I say that I wanted a one button super. The “little skill” needed to execute a move is still there which is the point your missing.

This is the very reason many people still stick to Street Fighter nowadays, aside from the fireballs and cool stuff. Its very accessible(even though its not at the same time), has a surprisingly amount of depth, and is easily gratifying.

I’ve seen alot of competitive video matchs of 3rd Strike and just barely did I see anyone doing complicated commands which proves my point.

Why the hell do you keep bringing V-ism up? You get raped by a 'Gief in Alpha 3 and having flashbacks or something?

Err, wrong word again but you get what I mean, “one button super” mode in Capcom Vs. SNK 2 EO whatever the hell its name is I forgot.