So i want to replace my start/select buttons on my madcatz TE but


i really want a button that “clicks” no sanwa or seimitsu here. i was looking at these Happ 1 Player Imprint Pushbutton, White but was uncertain if they fit. so what 24mm buttons are there that has that clicky noise and feeling.


oh and also because i don’t want to make another thread, where can i get seimitsu KN buttons for fairly cheap? lizardlick has them but shipping is kind of a lot :confused: i live in california.


You cannot fit Happ buttons into 24mm hole. You will have to mod your case. If you don’t want LizardLick, then there is FocusAttack: Joystick Parts - Seimitsu PS14-KN Pushbutton: Focus Attack But they list the color as Clear, which is a lie. They are white. :sad:

But I still really like Lizard Lick. They ship extremely quickly, and have really great Customer Service.




He answered your question for the most part.

If you want the same type of click feel, you’re going to need to mod the casing to fit the Happ button 28.5mm just about. Not a fun mod, but it is possible.


And switch your Quick Disconnects. Currently, they are .110" QDs, you will need .187". This isn’t hard, but important to do. If you mod your case, you’ll pretty much be set.

If you wanted an alternative for the look (but not such “clickiness”), I suppose you could look up Lizard Lick Amusements - Seimitsu PS-14-KN, 30mm Screw-In Pushbutton, Yellow and print out small player 1 and player 2 images and put them in the buttons. You won’t have to mod your case or the wiring.


go to

arcade parts>buttons>special
you will find sanwa 24mm with snap switches. You will have to figure out if the switch will fit.


wawawa ==


It makes no sense whatsoever to get items from overseas unless you’re going to buy a lot of parts you can’t get in the US.

Also, two buttons is hardly a big enough order to be worth it to buy unless you desperately need those parts. Honestly, unless I were switching button colors, the 24mm START/SELECT probably would be the last buttons I would switch out on a TE since they are the least used buttons on the joystick cabinet.

You think the buttons are really that bad???

Basic idea => 6 or less parts, I say buy from Lizard Lick. Shipping’s going to be less from a US shop even if you live in Caaaal-EEEFORRNEEE-aaa. ( <= Arnold accent impersonation.) Man up and accept that this is an expensive hobby BUT you can make it a lot more expensive if you don’t use some common sense.

IF you are buying well over $40 worth of parts and DON’T mind paying up to $20-$25 shipping (which can be up to 25% of your final bill[!]), then overseas buys makes sense… Generally, I’d do this only for parts that aren’t in stock at the moment at LizardLick OR are harder to get/not listed at all.

With all due respect, LizardLick is still the best place to buy from in the US. They simply have a more diverse catalog than most of the other places in-country and their only real competition in the US closed earlier this year. LizardLick has excellent service and generally gets the job done right over 99% of the time.


ditto george, LL for doestic US sales, Chad and crew are great. good advise from rtdzign although the fit would be tricky.


uhhh what? i never once said i wanted to buy parts outside of the US… i was just wondering if there were any other shops that sold buttons that ship for cheaper than lizardlick.


Focus Attack is another US based seller… I dont know if their shipping is any cheaper.


Lovely… Another noobie cheapskate complains about shipping costs!

AND he complains after you try to help him out.

No wonder JDM left!


how are you trying to help me out? i didn’t once say i wanted to order outside of the US and you start attacking me by saying its ignorant to do that?.. yeah… and btw how was i complaining? i was just putting you in your place. ohh AND just because i enjoy saving money makes me a “noobie cheapskate” just get the fuk out of my thread you obviously have no life.


I don’t recall LL shipping being all that expensive. Ask mom for a raise in your allowance.

Although I ordered a couple of button plugs from Laugh at and it was only $2 shipped from Korea. Only took about 7 days too, which is quite reasonable at that price.


I know this is a bit of thread derailment, but look at what it says the name of the link is for, then click it. It’s weird! The url name changes to the one I provided! Wacky.


i have yet to run into a place that had cheaper shipping than LL


Hey, GeorgeC, wawawa, let’s keep it civil. You’re both overreacting, and I’d hate for a mod to see both your bickering and infract both of you for fighting over an issue that, at it’s heart, it essentially nothing. No one is right, no one is wrong, let’s just drop it and stick to the original question.

I’m looking inside an original round 1 TE right now, and I would not advise using a 24mm Happ (or even the special Sanwa buttons that rtdzign listed) because the switch would likely touch or interfere with the placement and the wiring of the 3P and 4P buttons unless you did some funky, funky modifications to the case or the button itself.

You may want to look into some custom solutions. Unfortunately, I have nothing to recommend because I’m a happy Seimitsu customer, but I’m sure someone will see this and be able to recommend something. You can also bet it’d be expensive, like $10-15 per button, though.