So I was a little pissed off today (yet again)

This post has nothing to do with working in groups. I’m going to try to keep it short.

I had a ridiculously hard time working on some problems involving Accounting for business leases (Intermediate Accounting II). Reading over sections of the chapters they relate to didn’t help. The chapter on accounting for Income Taxes is even worse: The chapter summaries and example problems don’t make sense at all.

It feels like the time I went through the online training for becoming a certified volunteer tax preparer: I gave up half-way through because the depth of tax law was unbearable and painful. Anybody who uses turbo tax or hires a tax preparer knows what I am talking about.

Is there any other way around fully reading the chapters front to back? That is a very time consuming and inefficient method for me, as I found out in the first semester. And it might not work, either. I got by quite well while barely reading the textbooks in all of my classes until now.

go hard at it like AC Slater

So you signed up to become one of the world’s most boring people and you’re not enjoying it? Really?

hahahaha you wanted to do accounting because you suck at interacting with people, but now it turns out you just suck at life in general. HAHAHAHAHAHA your best bet is to make a documentary about what a big loser you are, and people might buy it for lols, and you could make money by becoming an interweb celebrity as a result.

Save it for livejournal.

Topics like this are why I miss the rep system

this guy fails (his classes and life)

bait taken

Your problem is that you are always just trying to “get by” and now its finally paying off for you in the way you deserve. You get what you give in this life unless you are rich, so I recommend you either marry into a fortune or you stop being an asshole and do what you know needs to be done. Not that I care, I really would rather have you die from food poisoning but the only thing you ever eat is the shame, guilt, and anguish of inadequacy.