So, I was a little pissed off today

I’m in my last year of college. And I ordered my last textbook a month ago. Still no arrival. That’s not a big deal because the publisher has only just started shipping them out, so I don’t expect anyone else has it yet either.

Except for one thing:

Since I ordered it online, there’s going to be some additional wait time. And since NOBODY that I go to school with does anything short of procrastinate when it comes to being prepared for the semester (waiting until the START to buy the required books), there is a good chance that everyone else will have their book before me. That means it is unlikely that the professor will cut me a break when we start getting assigned problems from the text.

Now I’m all pissed off because I’m probably going to have to ask other students to borrow their book for 5 minutes to copy down questions. When you think about it, I take ‘being prepared’ more seriously than most people, and yet now it may prove to be my undoing. It’s all basically a sick, twisted, and ironic situation that I’m in, and it costs me 15 dollars extra for shipping. WHY do I deserve such inconvenience!!!???

quit college
problem solved

Use this opportunity to talk to bitches, doo

You could just find out who the teacher is now and tell him your issue at this very moment.

I’m sure there’s a way to find out his instructor email, business number or something. If you made it apparent before class even started, the professor would take notice that you’re making an effort not to get your class stuff fucked and giving him/her the heads up very early. Might even try and work with you or something.


get them hooked on drugs :smiley:

you can count yo cheddah while you wait for the book…


Find the prof and email him/her. I’m sure they all have emails in the College/University directory.

BTW when you email that prof, know now that he/she hates you for already bugging them before the 1st class.


lol welcome to college, where the only thing they expect to be on time is your payments

Since when did you need a degree to become a serial killer?

You shouldn’t be pissed off that the publisher waited a month to ship them out.

You should be pissed off that you waited a month to do anything about it.

All I got out of that post was that he’s the only one in his college who didn’t get his book on time, making OP the only failure out of all of them in his college in that respect.

OP is still alive? How unfortunate.

SRK GD is now livejournal? Sad.

Rent a textbook its a cheaper alternative.

Why would you wait that long for a textbook? By now you should know how to get a textbook since this is your final semester in college. If a publisher is dragging its feet to ship your textbook than cancel the order and find a seller that is willing to ship it to you at a faster pace.

So what’s the moral of this story?

It would be a perfectly good day for suicide… that way you don’t have be pissed off about books AND you help make the world a better place…

Win-Win amirite…

u mad?

But… I enjoy reading feed back from my livejournal fans… ;_;