So I was browsing SRK and


I came across this warning:

When I tried to access this thread:

Just in case you all wanted to know, you’ve been warned. :sweat:




Why does this warrant a thread…in GD no less?


Plug in your damn laptop.


I figured Tech would have been better maybe, but I wanted more people to see it and quicker.



You should have blamed the adds.


The ads change sometimes though, and I loaded that page several times. The warning came up every single time. I figure it might be a direct link to a pic or something from a bad site.

Shit’s fishy.


First picture in the thread says that it might be harmful, or something like that when i clicked it. So yeah, it’s the picture itself.

Just blame it on those stupid adds anyway, fuck them.


Blame it on the ads, or more preferably, blame it on Chrome. The more you use it the more it starts calling out phantom problems from every freaking place.


There’s a section for feedback and bugs.