So I was playing ST HD REMIX with a 3 year old kid

I fired up the xbox 360, went to the character select screen.

“That one!” the boy says. He chose blanka.

The boy starts to play against honda on honda’s stage against the cpu. No less than 10 seconds into round 1, the boy goes

"how do you get into the hot tub?"
me: "you can’t"
the boy: "why not?"
me: :confused::rofl:

I thought it was funny anyway.

Should’ve let him play GG.

“How duz I bang Dizzy?”

he was trying to phase you.

Yeah, he’s going to grow up and be a homo.

I know I shouldn’t laugh, but got damn that’s shit was funny!

Hahah, hanging out with little kids is awesome. :smile:

God bless online gaming.

Where does the OP say he was playing online?

I don’t think y’all were playing street fighter…

When I was a kid, my little cousin asked me what happens if you pull the lever on Zangief’s stage. I told her nothing, but I probably should have told her something involving kittens getting killed.

So you CANT get in the tub?

Oh. walks out of thread:xeye:

You mean you guys don’t know how to get in the tub!?!?

Whaaaat, nigga you crazy.
He did not pick Zangief nor Claw.

Zangief: "Ooh I want that big muscley hairy man! He’s like a BEAAAAR! He can get me in a bear hug and squeeze me!"
Claw: “He’s so pretty, like a girl! But better! How do I make him make those noises? I like when he screams!”

Might as well replace SF with Shit Filler Turbo: RAINBOWWW EDITION

Avatar. lol

Well I’ll be.

You can’t go into the hot tub afterall!

Press up direction to jump. Try to time your landing so you hit the tub. Geesh, so easy.

You need to use Vega. He can cilmb up the wall and get in.

mind games at its best.

you shouldve brought him to ken’s stage, the breaking of the barrells would blow his mind away

When I was younger, I wished you can knock someone off Cammy’s stage or Fei Long’s stage MK style.

I always imagined a shark coming out of the water eating the defeated guy on ken’s stage. Eternal champions bleeding over…