So I was should I enter tournament?

So I was thinking…how should I enter tournaments?

I’ve always wanted to ask SRK’ers what exactly is there mind set when going into a tourney? Are you the “do the best I can” type of player, or “I’m gonna win this tourney” kinda mind set? My question to you is when you enter the tourney how’d you do w/the mind set you had going into the tourney? For me when I 1st started getting better I was the hot headed scrub “I’m gonna win this tourney”. Now I’m more calm about it and I just play to exceed my skill. How bout you???

I just take each opponent on his or her (HAHAHA) own merit. I never look at the brackets or anything to prepare, I just show up when they call me and get to work.


I usually just have the “I’ll try my best” mindset

i lose i die.


i lose i cry.




I always go in with the mindset of “do better than the last tournament”. I figure, as long as there is steady improvement, I have nothing to worry about. It has worked great for me so far.

The mindset is play your best and win.

You lose, you learn. Get better, live to battle another day.

Plain and simple.

I also find beating my nerves is the hardest thing. I get so fuckin tweaked out at these things, and I’m usually such a relaxed guy.

I never enter anything unless I know I can go toe to toe with the top players there.
If I can’t, it means I don’t know the game well enough, and I need to keep practicing.

Just Play And Enjoy the Game.

nice topic. good to see your alive fifty.

Yea I’m still here homie. What’s the deal w/ya?

Pretty much what everyone else said goes for me, too. Except when all those things are running through my mind there’s also,


And I have to remind myself not to be lazy with execution.

Play to win.

All the comments here are nice but when you lose or get knocked out of the first round it feels like shit.

Whenever I enter a tournament I just tell myself this:


After that I’m usually good to go.

Anyone ever drink a beer before a game and ‘power up’. :rofl:

yes losing is not an option. especially when you are a top player like myself, you cant have random losses at all bc of the general gaming public.


I just like to play, win or lose. I’m just excited to find competition in something that I like to do, especially since I was into 2d games since I was a kid and couldn’t find anyone except for 2 other kids that lived in the same small town as I did.

One thing I always wondered is how in the hell you guys afford to go to these bigger competitions? I mean airfare, room and board…HOW? I’d be broke after the plane ticket.

I go in with the “here’s an opertunity to improve” mind set.

That’s coo. To answer the guys post I just try and go w/a group of people. I see @Insane lee.

You’ve gotta want competition enough to pay for it.