So I was should I enter tournament?


I don’t see myself entering tournaments in the immedidate future, but if i did, i’d simply go with the approach of seeing what i can learn. Not how to get shcooled - there’s a difference. Fact is, there’s always going to be a better player than you, and you’ve got to be gracious in defeat otherwise you’re just a sore loser. I’d study better players and try to pick up on what they’re doing that makes them a pro.

Oh, and try to have fun. Don’t take it all so seriously.


:lovin: :rofl: :lovin:

lol…i was there when you were the hotheaded scrub. :sweat:


:lol: yes you were! It all turned out for the best though.


So I entered a tourney yesterday…

I had a clean attitude upon arrival. There were these 2 cats that came for India and you may know them (shout-outs to Mr.Panda & Vega on SRK) so they come and Mr.panda the moment I saw him play I was thinking like “there ain’t no way I can hold this dood”. Cat played Urien and had him down I mean bustin 3 chariot tackle combos non-stop wasn’t missing them at all, doing beefy damage. Now I’m not speaking on it like I’ve never seen this combos before. I’m speaking on it because I’ve never really ran across any really good Urien players. So I play home dood and surprisely I didn’t do to bad, but bottom line he beasted me. It didn’t shake my nerves one bit though I was happy to play a cat on his level, made feel like “so this is how it feels to play (in my mind) a high level player” you how that goku shit when the motherfucker like “I’m shaking cause I’m scared I’m shaking cause I’m excited” type shit. So I step up a for like my 5th try at beating homie, and I got lucky and beat him. So I’m like ok come tourney I think I know what I may need to do. So anyway to cut a story short we meet up in the tourney and the matches were really close and heated, homie sent me to the loser to play Vega who played Chun-li. I’m way less shakey against Chun-li for some reason then Urien ( don’t know why) but still I knew the guy was decent w/Chun. So We play and he grabs the 1 game. The second it’s back and fourth I think he won the 1st round I made a come back the second off of a C.short xx Hayate SA1 link ( glad I practiced that) to pull a win out my ass, but I’m like shit Chun got a full meter so I already know it’s meter building time. I’m just think if I can keep EX and try (by the grace of god man) to stay out of her Mk, S.Strong, and don’t get hit by B.FP (which is way to many options) then I can prolly squeeze out a win. I’m working the plan and were taking each other down hit by hit. “I’m not parrying shit” I said that early in the match. Late in the match homie sticks me w/a c.MK xx SA2 at that point if he had connect his SJC RH I’d be done for…but he missed so I’m like ok I got a feeling his gonna do a lighthing legs tricks. I have enough meter to block it one time not a second. So he whiffs lighting legs I say ok if he does a c.Jab I’m gonna input option parry Karakusa. Nope no c.jab I ate another set of lighting legs to end the match. Man I was so close I could taste the metallic taste of blood in my mouth :lol:. I was hugry for the win dammit but he earned that shit Vega’s a good player Mr.panda hell of a good player I’m giving props, and Vega’s also damned good in ST. Anyway from the jump I didn’t have a mindset really. I just knew to go in a play w/what style I felt most comfortable with.



Good mind sets to have:

“Don’t get hit” - Isai, SSBM. Kinda like what insanelee is saying, it’s basically not losing. The first step to losing is getting hit, so, don’t get hit.

“I dunno, I just play” - DieSuperFly, SSBM. It’s as simple as that, just play. You know what to do when the situation arrises so just do it, thinking about this being a tournament match or thinking ANYTHING else besides playing your actual match will throw you off so much.

“Finally, I’m here!” - Me, SSBM. I took this mind set when I went to FC3. My friends and I drove 33 hours from Arizona to Indiana, when I arrived at the tournament, that’s all I was thinking. I was so happy to be out of the car and so excited to play the game I raped everyone, hard. You see, sometimes whatever game you play gets boring, or there are things that you hate about it, things like that can ruin your motivation. After 33 hours in a car I was just too excited to care about anything I didn’t like about the game and I just played. The tournament lasted 2 days but I was the talk of the tourney the rest of time simply from my beginning performance.


One opponent at a time. I usually focus on whoever is directly in front of me.


play relaxed dont think. when im not thinking thats when i do the best playing.


Play to win. That is how I do things and it works for me, you can only worry about so much. I agree play relaxed** but enter with a game plan that is thoroughly drawn out.**

How can you get to Point A/Wherever you wanna go without a map???

Now me I really really plan if I have the time, I pre-plan for certain matchups, everything, I don’t “just enter”. To me that’s winging it. I don’t do that unless I don’t have the time to prepare thoroughly.

This way when someone picks a certain character etc I’ve already tested stuff to prepare to fight them and have the best counter in mind.

And if that doesnt work back to the drawing board!!! A constant cycle.


with confidence, and realistic expectations. so far i’ve only “failed” once playing like this.