So I was watching Man of Gold

I was wondering how the gut did the mp, qcf mk (im assuming that is it) so many times and if there is a limit

the mp(1 hit) qcf mk (chicken combo) has a juggle limit of 6. But on some characters you can’t do it on. Hugo, Yun/Yang.

I’m the “gut.”

You can do it on Hugo, Yun, and Yang in the corner with no problems. It also works on Yun and Yang midscreen if you start the launch when they’re already in the air (ie. off a parried lunge punch or divekick, or off an air chicken).

How exactly do you do the chicken comboes? I already saw your Man Of Gold video but I was wondering if after the mp, do you have to do it like a TK motion? And what strength do I use for the air qcf + k move? I tried it before but I flew too far away from the character.

It’s a ground qcf+k. No different than comboing into a fireball with Ryu.

Close MP (1 hit) cancelled into qcf+MK, repeat.

How do you perform air chicken into MP launch? From what i’ve seen in the tutorial video, Oro hits with the chicken kick sending his opponent slightly up, then lands before they fall down and launches them with MP, but when i perform air chicken, Oro starts kicking multiple times and goes slightly up along with the opponent instead of landing. What’s the secret?

The air chicken must be done as Oro’s about to land from the jump. Do it late.

Sometimes RK chicken works when MK doesn’t, is there any specific reasoning for this, or is the timing just different?

Frame data guide says they’re all the same.

Yo Jinrai. Excellent vid. I was hoping you could shed some light on how that chicken combo mixup worked. The particulat sequence that ends with a reset with s lp —> dash. How do you control which side of the opponent you end up on?

Let’s say you’re facing the right when you jab. Dash under the opponent and you’ll be on the other side. If you walk left a little bit (just a couple pixels) right after dashing, you’ll be on the original side again. So either walk or don’t walk. They won’t be able to see it either way.

However, the opponent can break it by parrying and holding the direction when you land. If he guessed wrong, he’ll just block the launch. You can also go for a low move, throw, or standing Fierce overhead at your own risk.

Credit to Hungbee for the mixup.

UPDATE: Midscreen Hugo chicken combo variant courtesy of Inoue.

Launch (1 hit) xx Fierce fireball, Roundhouse chicken (do it early or else you’ll get both hits), then…

a) You don’t have any meter at this point.

… Launch (1 hit) xx Fierce fireball, dash, Strong uppercut (44 damage, builds about 55-60% of a Tengu meter)

If you can’t partition, replace the uppercut with a standing Roundhouse for 36 damage and slightly less meter. A normal chicken combo into Strong uppercut does 42 damage, by the way.

b) You have a full Tengu Stone stock at this point.

Launch (1 hit) xx EX Tengu, go to town.

c) You have a Yagyou Dama stock at this point.

Launch (1 hit) xx Fierce fireball xx Jab Yagyou Dama

The fireball makes it so that the Yagyou juggles Hugo once instead of twice, giving you ample leeway for a free unblockable as Hugo gets up.

Although you have to charge for this setup, you can do it off a jumping Fierce, crossup Forward, or charge-partitioned dash. The best part is that the Fierce fireball connects even if Hugo is blocking low, leaving you safe except possibly from a reversal Gigas… I’ll have to test that.

Hey thanx for the info and the update. Man, I figured it might’ve had something to do with that. I’ll go give it a try again when I get the chance.

Another thing I was wondering though, which SA do you use for Oro? I love the hell outta Tengu but Yagyou Dama unblockables are swaying me to the darkside. Is you decision match dependant or what?

Yes, it’s match dependant. There are a number of factors, including

  • how easily the character gets cornered by you
  • whether you can cross the character up in the corner
  • whether the character can easily escape unblockables with a special move that takes him/her off the ground on the first frame
  • how easily you can launch your opponent
  • how easily the character can escape corner Tengu pressure

For example, Yagyou against Q is a bad choice because Q spends most of his time in the corner, where Oro cannot cross him up to break his guard.

More random information:

If Ken blocks both hits of Oro’s launcher, Oro can block a reversal Shippu. If the second hit whiffs Ken (standing outside point blank range or ducking), Ken doesn’t need a reversal to counter with Shippu.

If the second launch hit whiffs Chun-Li, she can counter with Houyoku Sen if she blocked the first hit high (reversal ONLY). If she blocks the launch low, she cannot connect the super.

If Hugo blocks the launch xx Fierce fireball, he cannot counter with anything; he’s pushed out so far that he can’t even connect a low Forward or standing Strong, let alone a Gigas. Even better, the fireball is a RED parry!

If Yun blocks a command grab, his only counters without meter are jab lunge punch or sweep. If Yun blocks a command grab high WITH meter, he must REVERSAL Jab shoulder xx Genei Jin, standing Fierce, continue. If he blocks the command grab low, there is no free Genei Jin combo.

Ey Jinrai

Hi. Uh…trying to figure out how to do chicken combos. I know it’s MP->MK Chicken dance, but then when I hit the ground, it’s kind of hard to make the second MP come out, and when it does, I end up doing 2 hits, thus ending the chicken combo. Any advice?

Keep practicing. Be sure to cancel it on the first hit of each launch. Or you can use this as an audio cue:

Are you making those jinrai? lol

Yeah, I made that a long time ago.

Arg I’ve been hearing all over the place about this charge partitioning and I still don’t quite understand it. Anyone willing to tell me what it is or how to do it?

Check the urien threads, or use search =)