So I went to Chinatown Fair today

For the first time ever. Heh I don’t think i’ve ever had so much fun getting my ass utterly handed to me before. in MvC2 and SFIII both. Plus from the way ppl talked about how seedy and sketchy it was it doidn’t seemt that way to me… i mean… atleast it was fairly well lit. I figured it’d be dark as hell listening to ppl talk about it. Either way I had tons of fun, it was exactly like I hoped it would be.

if anyone from there posts here I was there on June 16th and was the scrub who picked MSP every match except my last where I picked Storm, Tron, Doom… yah I was the guy who got killed by ppl without ever downing their first guy, except once I think.


let us know when you’re planning on going again.