so i

went to kinkos today to print some images for my ssf4 TE fightstick and they are so much smaller.i made a image on photo shop and put the file on a usb and i ask them to print it at 100% no scale and 300pdi but it was still so much smaller than the stick. help please?

either they made a mistake. or you?
try printing it out ur self on a blank piece of paper (the longer ones)

alright. can i also just measure the length of the stick and print off of that?

How much smaller was the print?
Because there is mistake somewhere, either you or them.

its alot smaller like a little smaller than normal printing paper guess they did it on wrong paper?

Sounds like wrong size paper.
And that they did scale it.

o okay what size should use then? and wow i told them not to scale it

i’d also recommend scaling the picture to a te template, if you haven’t done so already.

A complete Regular TE Art print fits on Legal Size.
A complete Extended TE Art print fits on Legal Size.
A complete Full TE Art print fits on Tabloid Size paper.

It helps to save the artwork as a PDF. All they have to do is load the PDF and select print with no scaling.
Make sure it’s the correct size though before bringing it to them. Do a test print at home.

the kinkos at my place make you print on your own, but they didnt tell me they ran several printers and i ended up printing on a lettersize printer when i needed to print on a tabloid.

what size do i use for this stick?

That’s a full size TE print, tabloid size paper.