So if Capcom is capable of CVS2, then why isn't CFE as good?

People haven’t warmed up to CFE and a lot said that it’s not that great. But if CVS2 was able to be made, why wasn’t CFE as great as CVS2? I mean, couldn’t they just get the same people who worked on CVS2 to work on CFE?

or they could take those people and make cvs2 into a good game. Capcom seems disinterested in doing either.

who says those people still work at capcom?

and who says cvs2 is a good game?


I DO raises hand :woot:

CFE isnt as good as cvs2 simply because its not supposed to be cvs3.Overall CFE is pretty good…I like !

I like CFE more than CvS2. The latter is boring turtlefest most of the time. CFE may not be particularly balanced, but it’s enjoyable.

I heard that many of the artists weren’t even there anymore in fact I heard they BARELY were ever to finish up ingrid.

I think they didn’t want to put in alot of resources into this and so this is what we got personally i haven’t played but I think i’d like cfe and I’d also like to say that I like cvs2

Capcom got lazy and shit.

People who can’t tell between a game that is accidentally fun, and an actually good game.

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Honestly the only thing I hated about CFE was due to the speed, the SFIII characters played like they were on crack. This meant that hit confirm for Chun Li wasn’t very reliable and combos required the wrists of a God.

The only reason I like CvS2 is that the speed is so slow, you can sit your ass down and land near unbeatable anti-air normals one after the other. Other than that, CvS2 isn’t particularly exciting.

CVS2 > 3s > cf3 …

fixed it for you :karate:

CFJ isn’t good because capcom is full of fuking idiots that can’t spice things up and think of new shit, they’re stuck on the same shit and they’re not creative at all, they’re original, but not creative.

Actually the reason why CFJ is like that is because it was made by one of Capcom’s teams that don’t make fighting games. It was headed by one of the DMC guys, those guys know stuff about stylish hard action, but when it comes to fighters they don’t know as much. :confused:

I thought it was headed by Keiji Inafune (Megaman, Onimusha)?

Besides, the director of DMC3 worked on 3S…

Nah it was some other guy, it wasn’t Keiji Inafune, that guy is working on too many things to even be working on a rush job like CFJ. He had like Onimusha 3, Shin Onimusha, Shadow of Rome, etc…

Anyway the DMC guy involved was Yoshinori Ono, anyway they interviewed him on Gamespot about CFJ awhile back.

You can find the intervew there.

And the guys behind 3rd Strike are Yoshiki Okamoto and Noritaka Funamizu and those guys left Capcom years ago.

My mistake, Inafune didn’t lead it, but he was listed as executive producer.

As for DMC3’s director, it was CvS2 and Rival Schools that he worked on. No other fighters in the case of Ono, though.

Who in their right mind would thingk CFJ is better than CVS2? Yes CVS2 is a bit on the turtle/boring side compared to 3S, but its still a WAY better game than CFJ. Infact, these days I’m starting to like CVS2 more than 3S.

amen to fusion. And remember, cvs1 was about as garbage-y as they come. Takes capcom two or three tries lately to get a good game going it seems. Maybe CFJ 2 won’t suck as much.

because capcom got lazy

then they got lazier

then they made cfj

then they quit

i think if cfe would have been a dummy (test version) it would be ok but not enough to perfect it, and their are some missing details for that game, anywho i was thinking the other day abd they can still make cvs3, as long as snk agrees and if snk agrees with capcom that capcom will make the game it will kick lots of ass but if snk makes it :tdown:

what the fuck is this shit?
who’s dissin CVS2?
alot of people say that there’s alot of turtling involved in that game
i really don’t know what any of you are talking about
i rarely play anyone that does excessive turtling
and if you do play someone that turtles, you know how many different grooves and characters there are?
come on idiots, there’s like a million ways around it.
long live CVS2!!!