So,if I can play Crysis, I can play anything?

Well, it looks like every newer game I looked at I beat requirements to play, on my new PC except one issue, my video card, which is integrated. Very soon, I am planning to buy a better one.

So, I’m wondering if basically, If I get a card that can run Crysis, I should be able to run anything else? Newer games, like GTA, Fallout, Grid? Or is Crysis is not the standard to measure graphics for PC?

Basically, yeah, you’ll be able to run everything as of right now. Before you buy a graphics card though, you should make sure that you even have an open PCI-E slot on your motherboard to run it. Since your current setup is running on integrated graphics, I doubt you do.

I do.

1 PCI-E x16 extra connector.

What cards are recomended?

I think it’s still the ‘standard’ so to speak. My PC is able to handle Crysis and so far, I haven’t run across a game I couldn’t run yet.

Cool. I plan to get a card tomorrow, and another gig of ram. I have enough ram, but want to make sure I have NO issues, when I start really playing stuff. Card recommendations?

Yea, Crysis:Warhead, FarCry2 and Fallout3 are all around the same in terms of requirements for the original crysis. I would say it’s still a perfectly acceptable benchmark.

And in terms of “what we would reccommend”. That’s completely dependant upon your budget, and how beefy a PSU you have.

Yeah…basically you could…but if your planning to upgrade to a high end card, you will also need to make sure your cpu is fast enough also, you don’t want to bottleneck. As of the card, I suggust the 280gtx…

I may have to shop for a new one, I havent looked what my wattage is. Everythings all stock. Got this Earlier in Jan, just needed something that didn’t clog up on picture intensive threads like my old PC (still use both in my room), and shit on the net, but after looking at game requiremnts and seeing that Ipasses in all cases excpet vid card, it made me decide I should just do that.

I was recommended the nvid 280gtx as well as the rad 4870. funny, you mention one the same.

2GHz dual core. Intel E2180, I think. Passed all the games I was looking at.

To be completely honest your processor is a bit too slow for any of the higher end graphics cards so I would recommend something a bit more simple like the 9800gtx or radeon 4850 thats about as high in the gfx tier as you can you in terms of efficency. (Maybe to high)

About the psu 400-500 watt is enough if you arent going for the most powerful card.

And atm im running on a 9800gt with 2gb of ram 32 bit system and an amd 2.5ghz and I can run crysis all on high so any of thoose cards i mentioned above will run alot better.

Well, it’s not that a better gfx card won’t deliver better results, it’s that to get the most out of your system you want to have a level field for all components. They should compliment each other in that there is no single component that slows down or “bottlenecks” the rest of the PC. Yes a 280gtx would give you a better framerate than a 9800gtx, but not nearly the difference it would make if you had a quicker CPU. Personally I wouldn’t be using that CPU on a game-heavy machine. Or if I was, I would overclock it. Core 2 duos overclock very well, and the vast majority of motherboards make it quite easy these days.

Software. If you have a ton of unnecessary apps loaded in memory, then your PC will run like doo doo. No matter how good/great your hardware is. :tup:

Yeah, before I game, I will be deleting a bunch of stuff.

default I have like 49 processes, and use 1GB ram, so I got work. My custom XP build has 18 processes and uses 87MB of ram.

I’ll check in on the overclock, and hope this mfr doesnt have some gay BIOS that makes OC’ing impossible.

This is the page of the pc

Edit: Looks like locally, the 280 is only about 70 more bucks than the 9800.

Did you buy the add-in card connector? Looks like you need one for that PC.

Also, that chip isn’t a core duo/core 2 duo architecture. That means that the need for overclocking is higher, as the architecture quite simply isn’t as efficient. (Largely due to the smaller cache I believe) You should be able to hit 3ghz on that chip with the stock cooler quite easily.

Just because he has an integrated gpu doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a PCI-E Slot.

i always thought gta4 was more demanding than crysis 1.

That’s only because GTA4 was made to run on PC’s that don’t even exist yet. :rofl:

GTA4 poor performance on pc results from a bad port over. It’s a more CPU intensive game than crysis, w/ recommended system requirements of Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz, AMD Phenom X3 2.1 GHz. Crysis only demands Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.2GHZ, AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+. But yeah if your rig can run Crysis, decently, you should be able to run all other current gen games.

Yea, but if you follow that link he posted, it seems as if he needs an add-in connector to use a pcie card

This mobo has a PCI-E slot. Its the same model but a different version. Mine supports 4GB ram, instead of 2GB.

What resolution are you running at? That should affect your decision too. If its a low res, say 1440x900 you could probably get away with a Radeon 4850 or Geforce 9800