So if i understand corretly - trade light srk into ultra ssfiv

I can still light srk into ultra (like in thealt costume vid)
but not trade as in get hit buy a uhh jumping hard kick than ultra any more correct?

Yeah, trade DPs into ultra are GONE ( [media=youtube]3pCWgyEbUQE[/media] ) but anti-air lp.srk into ultra still exists. I was so relieved after watching that video lol! but it’s time to step up the execution for me so hopefully I won’t b relying on that anymore.

Way too many whiners out there. But pro and anti ryu. So annoying.

Looks like dp can no longer trade on the ground. Which suggests that it gets off the ground sooner. Not the worst thing that could happen… Might mean that it’s impossible to get thrown after you’ve initiated a dp. Could before since there were at least a couple frames that you were still on the ground without invincibility. So yay for that I guess.